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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bold Patterned Pieces - They Can Make the Room

I have mentioned my love affair with fabrics many times but I must admit that the fabrics that I REALLY love are those with a lot of color and pattern.  So, I have a lot of patterned (including some florals) in my fabric inventory. Yet, it always seems just slightly risky to use these too often and I try to balance offerings in neutral, solid fabrics with some of the wilder ones.  I have noted on pinterest that the neutral looks are most often "pinned" and "liked" so the trend does seem to be to have more neutral settings.  At the same time,  people (and decorators) seem to fling caution out the door by often having that one or more fabulous piece in an exciting pattern, print or floral that really makes the room exciting and vibrant.

I was heartened to see the following on a designer's blog - source:
When designing a space, I enjoy incorporating at least one special piece (usually a chair or ottoman) that's upholstered in a large-scale patterned fabric. I have yet to do an entire sofa in anything but a solid, but would love to one day! Introducing a patterned upholstered piece into a space is a great way to add color, texture and interest. I think the key to picking out the fabric is to keep the scale large...anything too small will get lost and lose impact. 
I have also noted the great patterned photos that are making their way around pinterest sites - bold and beautiful!

Pair of Ikat Patterned French Style Chairs - source
Pair of Bold Patterned Armed Chairs - source
Love These Floral Bergere Chairs - source
Great Statement Chair - source

Love this Bright Sunny Settee - source
Wow - True Statement Chair - source
Wydeven Design Archives (sold) - Bold Patterned Pieces link to website
 I am glad to see that the bold, patterned look is still doable - and I will continue to love these patterns and prints.   So now to go look for more inspiration in my "fabric room"!

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