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Friday, March 30, 2012

French Furniture - Five Major Chair Styles

This is another blog in my "French furniture series" - see previous entries city vs country furniture and bergere and fauteuil chairs.  This blog is about basic chair styles - defined on this website link.  The author  describes five basic styles:

·      Ladder-Back Chair
o   A popular chair in the French country style, a ladder-back chair is wooden, sometimes with a cane seat. The chair's back is formed by two wooden posts, connected with arched horizontal slats spaced widely apart.

·      Chaise Lounge
o   A chaise lounge, which translates as "long chair," is an upholstered chair with a extended seat made for reclining. Some styles, with a raised back at one end, are known as fainting couches.

French style Chaise Lounge - pinterest board

·      Le Corbusier
o   Arguably the most famous chaise lounge is a modern, black-and-chrome model created by Swiss-French designer Le Corbusier in 1928.
Le Corbusier Chaise - source internet image

·      Rococo Chair
o   A chair designed in the French Rococo style will feature curving, feminine lines--especially curved legs--and an overall sense of aristocratic comfort.
Curved Lines of French Rococo Style - source pinterest board above

·      Louis XVI Chair
o   Named after the king whose reign this furniture first became popular during, a Louis XVI chair is characterized by its straight, tapered legs, clean lines and delicate carved motifs.

Louis XVI style chair - source pinterest board above

Over the years, I have been able to buy, refurbish and sell quite a few of these great style chairs - here are just some of them!

From 2008 Wydeven Design Collection - French Style Chaise Lounge
From 2009 Wydeven Design Collection - Wingback Chairs with Rococo Legs and Trim

From 2009 Wydeven Design Collection - Rococo Legs and Trim Settee
From 2011 Wydeven Design Collection - Chaise with Rococo Woodwork
From 2011 Wydeven Design Collection - French Chair with Rococo Woodwork
From Current Wydeven Design Collection - Silk Wingback Chair with  Louis XVI  Legs


  1. I'm in love with the French Furniture, especially the Chair

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  3. Great blog, love the style of these chairs - seriousy eccentric fabrics!