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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rescued and Reused - a Green Way of Looking at the World

Now THIS is Clever - A Recycled Bicycle - source
It has been some time since I featured my "saved from a dumpster" series of blogs in which I show a piece of furniture that truly would have been thrown away and was rescued and refurbished.  It is what I do!  There are very creative people out there that not only rescue but repurpose in ways both artistic and practical.  They are an impressive lot!  This morning, I saw an article in our local paper, the Atlanta Journal Constitution link about the upcoming American Craft Council (ACC) Show being held this weekend at the Cobb Galleria.  The article stated that
Recycling or upcycling, to use the most au courant phrase, has become such a growing aspect of ACC that organizers have added a "Greencraft" category for artists who incorporate recycled materials.
... Rail Yard Studios has turned pieces that otherwise were headed to the scrap yard or the furnace into its Rescued and Reused line of artisan furniture ... link to blog 
I have a pinterest board called "Go Green Initiatives" link to blog and quite a few great ideas and inspiration for rescuing, reusing, repurposing, etc. etc.   There are quite a few blogs and websites dedicated to supporting green design and green decorating with many practical (and fun) ideas.

My daughter, a faithful pinterest follower and user, just asked me to look for and save glass mason jars for her.   I'm not sure what she's intending to do, but I found a link to an article about 50 ways to recycle glass jars that would certainly give her many ideas!
link to article
I also noted this article about repurposing burlap bags although I think they have become quite trendy for upholstering french style furniture and may not really be viewed as "dumpster material" these days.

Link to article about repurposing burlap bags
One blog I just found is quite interesting and I will share the blogger's goal and link to her site.  This designer is making a major commitment to being a "green activist" in her profession - I applaud her dedication and apparent success in broadening this important message! link
W & C – Striving to Make Green Popular

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