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My name is Gerrie Wydeven doing-business-as Wydeven Designs. I have been conducting this small GREEN business since 2004. Wydeven Designs, based in the Atlanta, Georgia area, sells CHAIRS, LOVESEATS, CHAISES, SETTEES and other fine, well-constructed refurbished upholstered pieces. I love to travel, cook, take photographs and generally follow style and decor topics as well!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

I Love Craigslist!

I have previously reported on my experiences with Craigslist and how I approach buying (and selling) on this free site. As I review my current inventory, I am surprised by the high percentage of items (35% or more) that came from a Craigslist ad.  As a matter of fact, over the past week, I have added the following items - some photographed below in their "before" state:

  • Pair of North Hickory (of Hickory, NC) French style leather wingback chairs with extensive woodwork - I plan to have reupholstered in a cream matelasse fabric just bought through eBay
  • Pair of compact Drexel Armchairs with wood that will be refurbished using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP) on woodwork and a cream linen-like fabric (probably) on the frame - this great set and the next item were bought from a woman who looks almost exactly like famed English actor, Judi Dench - she hears it ALL the time
  • Calico Corners leather wingback chair and ottoman (from same seller as above) she hadn't even listed the set but I offered to buy it while picking up the other chairs and she agreed
  • Calico Corners French Country chair and ottoman - wood with rust bottoms and cushions on top and back - the woodwork is already partially redone in ASCP cream and the cushions are at the shop to be recovered in a beautiful blue and white damask chintz-like fabric
  • Sam Moore chair and ottoman in a vaguely French Country style but a little more rugged in details - to be redone in a "masculine" large-scale navy and cream plaid with some wool content
  • Pair of Lee Industries wing back chairs - to be redone in a retro-looking cream twill fabric
SO, I have again overbought!  Sales this time of year are a bit slow and I had told myself to slow down in making additional acquisitions. Who can stop themselves, however, when these types of options present themselves!  Not me!

Here are some pieces in my current inventory that were originally Craigslist purchases. As I've said cautioned numerous times - be careful when selecting used furniture to refurbish to make sure the high cost (and time commitment) is worth while. Clearly, however, there are wonderful pieces out there to be discovered!

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Power of Red

Love these chairs - the best red color - see my pinterest board referenced below.
I don't know if the fact that I have started wrapping holiday gifts and thinking about holiday decorations has me fixated on the color "red" or whether it was my recent burst of activity with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint's (ASCP) Emperor Silk link to recent posting. It may also be the reds (and oranges and yellows) that I am seeing everywhere in our Atlanta area fall. Nevertheless, I am seeing "red" all over and loving it!

I have been saving images of red used as a primary or just a "pop" color on my pinterest board - link to board. Red is bold and passionate and I love it! I have reds in my living and dining rooms (a LOT) and as a pop of color in several other rooms. Over the holidays, of course, it will be a major focus of attention!

Here are some of my favorite images - all from my pinterest board.

This is an amazing sofa - see pinterest board referenced above.
I wish this chair were mine - see pinterest board above. 
This sofa just pops - see pinterest board above. 
Definitely a statement chair and statement color - see pinterest board above.
I reviewed my current Wydeven Design listings (eBay, Etsy, Chairish) and found I only had two pieces that were squarely in the red family - beside the wood finishes of the pieces just completed in ASCP Emperor's Silk.

Here is a set of oval French style chairs not included in recent posting - love how these turned out.

Well, clearly, I need to go out and find more red fabrics and add to this collection - particularly in advance of the holiday season!  I enjoy the power of red!

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Fine Art of Collecting - Eclectic Style

Example of Eclectic Design - link to my pinterest board for source - "eclectic design"
I look forward each month to the arrival of my decorating magazines - I think I get all of them. I lovingly study each decor (mostly but not totally skipping the advertisements of which there are many) and find that the images enrich my understanding of decorating and decorating trends. The November issue of Veranda (link to website) arrived yesterday. One of the articles discussed the philosophy of a homeowner/designer: "The Paris born, New York based designer is from the old school of connoisseurship, where the goal isn't to create an instant room but to take great pleasure in discerningly selecting each and every object ..."

This is exactly my own approach to decorating (although my means are not as great as his - by a long shot). I think the type of decorating called "Eclectic Style" works that way. It mixes and matches pieces and periods to achieve a personal and far more interesting living environment - one that does reflect your personality and taste far more than any "assembled" room ever could. Collecting over time also allows for changing taste and interests - whether in use of wood tone or painted woods, colors and fabrics, art collections, or just "finds" - those pieces and objects you find that you WILL make room for because you love them!

For me, evidence of eclectic design include some or maybe most of the following:

  • Mixture of styles of furnishings and periods (antiques with modern, French country with Pottery Barn)
  • Mixture of wood tones including some painted furniture 
  • Mixture of art and decorative pieces - traditional and modern 
  • Mixture of high-end and low-brow - some great pieces that will last a lifetime with gifts from kids/grandkids, home-made and personal 

I perused my pinterest boards for good examples of eclectic decorating style and, of course, looked at my own refurnished furniture collection which I think works beautifully to support this style. Enjoy!

I love this setting with its various eclectic elements - painted and wood-tones, leggy and skirted furniture, mismatched lamps, and different furniture styles - see source above.
Here is a great example of mis-matched wood-tones and styles - the bamboo legged chair with the squat-footed sofa and turned-leg ottoman - nice combinations all! See source above.
This bright green chair adds an eclectic (and electric) look to this contemporary space - see source above.
AI think all spaces need a French style piece like this great cream bergere - note the different leg styles in this setting. I also am loving metal tables like the end-table here - a nice contrast to all that heavy wood - see source above.
This is a good example of the contemporary (check out that mirrored coffee table) with antiques and a traditional style sofa - see source above. 
Here are some pieces from my 2011 collection that would work in the same space and have very different styles and fabrics. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pinterest Dreaming - My Beautiful Pieces in Well Designed Settings

Every now and then, I "combine" some of the photos of well designed settings that i have saved on my pinterest boards with my fine refurbished furniture to visually depict how well the pieces complement the space. It helps me picture the various combinations possible and confirms the fine fabrics selected for the pieces. For this session, I only pulled photos from my "Decorating with Yellow" pinterest board link to my board and source of all setting photos below.

Yellow is one of my favorite colors - it is always cheerful and surprisingly versatile as demonstrated in these settings. Most of my house is yellow - all major walls (except bedrooms) are yellow and I have not grown tired of this color.

Here are some of the nice combinations - all my items are available on Ebay or Etsy - my website is, unfortunately broken and I need to just take it down - it is totally out-of-date. Some of my pieces are available through the premium, curated site "Charish" (but more expensive on that site).

I love the combination of black and white and this nice antique settee is fully brought up-to-date in this color combination. The woodwork was redone in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint graphite. I can easily see this with all the bright colors of the rainbow or in a more subdued grey/black/neutral setting- link to Etsy listing
This sophisticated setting highlighted a bright Palm Springs, CA, home. The blue is the most eye-catching feature in the room and my chair and ottoman would complement it beautifully - link to eBay listing.
I love this yellow with a slight hint of green color. The tailored slipper chair and ottoman would work well in the setting. 
Ahhh, what a soothing combination! I love the green and yellow look! These great chairs are upholstered in the best ultrasuede money can buy (retailed at over $100 per yard at Calico Corners) - the chair itself is a Woormark - very fine USA-made furniture link to Charish listing.
I love this tall and graceful chairs with their Annie Sloan Chalk Paint finish (graphite) and grey linen outlined in cream. They would work so well in this and other settings.
These stylish chairs would work well with yellow walls and also would coordinate nicely with wood-tone pieces. It is hard to see but there is a dark taupe/brown in the pattern as well as black and cream.
One of my favorite pieces - it has a wingback chair that matches. It may not be ideal for a bedroom setting but if there is space for it (it is tall but not deep), it might be a delightful surprise in a room like this!
I love houndstooth fabric and particularly in this popular color. With a footstool, this becomes a very comfortable reading and snoozing chair!
Finally, yellow with yellow - bright sunshine all around!
I love all of these combinations and bet I could go to one of my other color boards on Pinterest and find another set of images that would work as well!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Travels in Georgia - Fall Foliage at Gibbs Gardens

Entrance to Gibbs Gardens
Last Sunday was such a perfect day here in the greater Atlanta area of Georgia, that I suggested we take a drive to Gibbs Gardens link to website - about an hour north of our home and located in Ball Ground, Georgia. We learned that their hours start at 9:00 and arrived soon thereafter.  The Gardens are having a "Japanese Maple" Festival through mid-November to highlight the beautiful colors of these maple trees as they are changing - a riotous blend of oranges, reds, and yellows.  We discussed getting an annual membership pass ($100) but decided to just go for the day ($40 for two) and were told this would apply toward the pass if we wanted to purchase before leaving for the day.

The colors in the gardens were at peak - in other words, spectacular. Jim Gibbs, the proud owner of this wonderful setting was holding court in the welcome center and enthusiastically describing his gardens.

Here are some of the 150 photos we took. There were "serious" photographers with "serious" photographic equipment throughout the gardens. After looking through these photos, you will understand that we did in fact convert our day passes to an annual pass. The next big events is the Yellow Daffodil Festival in February - we can't wait!

Lilly ponds near the entrance 
Foliage reflected in the ponds 
"Monet's Bridge" fashioned after the famous artist's bridge in Givency, France 

Multi-trunked tree using green filter on camera 
Entrance to Japanese Gardens at Gibbs Gardens 

Jim Gibb's house on the property - we were invited to "peek in"
I could be at home here!