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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Decorating in Reds!

LOTS of red in this room - see pinterest board for details and origin (link)
Now this is a stimulating room - see pinterest board for details.
I love the color red and would love to see more of it in home decor. I have a pinterest board dedicated to the subject (link).  It is a color that I've used extensively in my own home. I have a traditional/transitional style in my living and dining rooms anchored by Chinese red rugs. The color may not be at its height of popularity right now (although "burgundy" is a 2015 color of the year), but it never entirely looses its advocates and is a favorite for many designers.

Red 101
When people walk into a red room, they immediately respond,” says New York City interior designer Scott Sanders. Color experts describe red as a stimulating shade. It grabs focus (think stop signs and fire engines) and, on walls, becomes the defining element of a space.link to article
One article I found talks about how to incorporate red into a variety of decorating styles - with an emphasis on walls and woodwork:

Contemporary design incorporates neutral elements with pops of bold color, often red.On the door: Bold, bright redInside: Bright red shades in a pillow, rug or throw Modern design calls for all kinds of reds: from primary hues to classic shades with burgundy or brown undertones.On the door: Any red you love that makes a statement.Inside: Consider injecting red through a painting or piece of art. Traditional design stays away from primary reds and instead involves burgundy or black tones.On the door: A deep, rich redInside: Decorate with Oriental rugs injected with darker reds. Transitional design relies on a neutral palette, a perfect canvas for pops of red.On the door: Match this red to hues you use inside the home, or skip the red door entirely to keep a more neutral theme.Inside: Choose a softer and more indirect approach like a red lamp or piece of art. Country reds are chalkier and softer: Think barn or scarlet reds. Choose reds with pinkish and purplish hues, like the color of a ripening apple.On the door: Barn redInside: Accessorize with country reds in knickknacks and fabrics.link to article

Illustration of Country Red decor - link  
I love the red "pops" in this space - a good example of contemporary design - see pinterest board for source information
This is a little dark for me but does illustrate how reds can brighten and energize the space - see pinterest board.
Lovely space - I would call this one transitional! 
Red in a French Country style - love the fabrics used here - see pinterest board for details.
 I always have a few reds in my Wydeven Design Collections but never more than a few. Truthfully, they do not sell as well as either neutrals or blues but they certainly do need to be available for those discerning clients who want that pop of color in whatever decorating space/design they like! My pieces are currently available on Etsy, eBay and One King's Lane!

I was surprised at how few pieces I had in this great color last year - I have to try harder this year!
I love this stripe and wish I had more than just enough for one small chair. 
I bought this fabric in four colors - love the red version! 
A great piece for a patriotic themed bedroom!
I do love reds and wish more people were bold enough to use them in their space - they really could not go wrong with this great energetic color.

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