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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Vintage and Resale Shopping in Destin, FL

The wonderful beach in Destin, Florida - white and sparkling - the BEST beach in the world!
We just returned from a short trip to Destin, Florida, and spent quite a bit of time shopping its many resale, thrift, antique and consignment shops. Most are arrayed along the main east-west "drag" - Highway 98. We enjoyed the shops and I ended up buying three great chairs to refurbish and restore to better than their former glory.

A word about Destin and this whole area of Florida. It is located along the "panhandle" part of the state and has world-renowned white sand beaches as far as the eye can see. We have seen the beaches of Hawaii, Mexico, Cancun, Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach, Greece, Southern California, Oregon, etc. etc. etc. - and have NEVER seen nicer beaches than those in this area. When we first arrived in the area for a visit about 25 years ago, our first impression was that of snow - they are that blindingly white and clean.

In tackling our shopping venture, we stopped by several shops along highway 98 and asked for other recommendations. Over the next two days, we stopped at least a dozen. Here are some of the highlights.

Last day in Destin - such a wonderful location!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Oh The Places They Can Go - Chaise Lounges!

My bedroom - chaise lounge in small sitting area - my FAVORITE reading (napping) spot in the house!
I have always loved the style and grace of chaise lounges and have had one in my bedroom's small sitting area for over 10 years - it is a very comfortable and versatile piece of furniture (sleeping, reading, sleeping, play-area for granddaughters, napping, etc. etc.).  It does require a bit of space but not as much as many people think.  I have many chaise lounge styles and settings pictured on my pinterest board (link to pinterest board). Here are some of my favorite settings!

  • Any sunny corner in the house - any room
  • End of bed
  • Closet or bathroom
  • Sunroom 
  • Library

WIndow with a view - it would be hard to beat this one (see pinterest board for source).
I always have at least two or three chaise lounges in my inventory (just bought a very stylish one yesterday to refurbish). They are bulky and, therefore, take up quite a bit of storage space (and shipping costs) so I try not to overdo it. I do love the style of comfort of these wonderful pieces!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Blue and Green - A Refreshing Color Combo!

All images (other than my own collages) are from my pinterest board - link here for sources
Although fall is in the air with its emerging golds and reds, the crispness of the air and brightness of the landscape still celebrate the blues and greens of nature. This is such a cool and calming color combination and looks wonderful year-round. I always find that I have more blues and greens than any other color in my finished upholstered furniture products.

Here are some products in my current collection that work wonderfully together - available on Etsy, One King's Lane and/or eBay.


Monday, September 29, 2014

Neighborhood Sale in Druid Hills

Signage at Druid Hills Neighborhood Sale
It was a "touch and go" day here in the Atlanta area on Saturday. It looked like it would rain but the weather forecasters were saying there was less than 10% before evening so my husband and I traveled to the Druid Hills area for their neighborhood sale which was advertised as "Rain or Shine" anyway. Druid Hills is a loosely defined area in the city of Atlanta.

Druid Hills is a community which includes both a census-designated place (CDP) in unincorporated DeKalb County, Georgia, United States, as well as a neighborhood of the city of Atlanta. The CDP's population was 14,568 at the 2010 census.[3] The CDP contains the main campus of Emory University and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The Atlanta-city section of Druid Hills is one of Atlanta's most affluent neighborhoods with a median household income in excess of $238,500. link 
I have been somewhat remiss with my photo-taking lately and this sale was no exception. The area has many historic homes/mansions and it is lovely.  As we emerged to tackle some of the sales, I commented that we could now be living in this area if our own real estate purchasing plan had been slightly different when we arrived in the city over 25 years ago. We had initially put in an offer for a town house in the area which was beautiful and offered us affordable city living but changed our mind as we panicked about the lack of yard and car space. So, instead, we settled in a larger home on a real lot north of the city and, two houses later, we remain in that part of town.
Loved the roosters! 
Look closely at the chair - interesting!
Well, we didn't buy anything but enjoyed visiting the neighborhood. I had picked up a lovely Sheraton styled settee on the way so felt the whole trip was more than worthwhile!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Before and After - My Own Projects!

It has been some time since I've posted my own "before" and "after" miracles - so here is an update. I love them all! Included in the descriptions are all of my purchasing and "fixing up" secrets. Enjoy!

I purchased this chair at an estate sale held by Annette - one of my favorite sellers. It is a Woodmark - great North Carolina company. The fabric came from Fabric World (Stone Mountain fabric warehouse) - a bright buffalo plaid!
I found these chairs on Craigslist. I refinished the woodwork in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint's Duck Egg Blue (one of my favorite colors) and had the chairs reupholstered in a Charles Cantrell cotton print purchased at Fabric World. 
The history of this set of fabulous chairs is a little convoluted. I had originally spotted them at an estate sale (Vicki's) and left a bid. I did not hear back on my bid but saw them on Craigslist a little later being sold for exactly my bid offer. I did (of course) try to get a better deal but ended up paying the bid price - a little steep for me but a great price for this set - $250. The fabric was an eBay purchase - a heavy cream matellase.  Needless to say, this sold almost immediately.
I purchased this great little chair at an estate sale. The woodwork is exactly like one I have in my own home with a darker finish. I had the chair recovered in a blue plaid purchased at Calico Corners Fine Fabrics (major discount).
I purchased this sweet little settee at a nearby neighbor's craigslist sale. The original woodwork was in great condition. The piece was reupholstered in a very durable blue woven fabric (composition unknown) purchased at a super bolt sale at Fabric World.
I bought this set at an estate sale on a bid. The original woodwork is very interesting! The chairs were upholstered in a heavy woven fabric - teal and cream - from Fabric World. These were sold on One King's Lane.
These wonderful chairs came from an estate sale. I had them reupholstered in a wonderful soft woven organic cotton purchased on eBay. They are enjoying their new home in Colorado. 
I bought these chairs thru a Craigslist ad and refinished the woodwork in ASCP - Country Grey. The upholstery is a cream-white twill from Fabric World. 
Well, that's the latest on this hot sunny Sunday morning in Atlanta. Have a great week!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Blue and White Combos Continue to be Best Sellers!

Check out my pinterest page referenced below for source!
TRUE STORY:  Over 10 years ago, I was shopping at Calico Corners Fine Fabrics checking out their deep discount bolts. I found a nice deep blue and white toile fabric that was discounted over 75%. I asked the saleswoman/designer about the fabric and why it was so deeply discounted. She said that blue and white were just not a popular color combination and were well past their prime. Since I LOVE (and have always loved) this combo, I was surprised by the vehemence of her pronouncement. I also bought the fabric thinking that at least I would love it! End of story: I bought the fabric, used it on a pair of club chairs intended for resale, liked the results and installed the chairs in my (then) new sunroom where they remain proudly today!

Today, you cannot pick up a decorating magazine without seeing a lot of blue and white - in some cases this color combo dominates the entire interior. I pinterest boards for each major color and my blue one has the largest number of pins - link to board.

I save my House Beautiful Magazines (link) and happened upon an article called "Blue and Brio" in their April, 2014, issue. The owner had indicated that "Navy blue is my favorite color" and the designer, Megan Winters, took that color throughout the house in very creative ways. The blue and white combo connects every room. In the same issue, a segment called "Blue Crush" leads out with "Paired with white, the many shades of this popular color have graced rooms in grand castles and humble cottages".
Blue-and-white is practically a neutral - it works with everything!
In just looking at my files - current and archival for the past 10 years - I have chosen the combo of blue and white quite a bit. It is always fresh and always "in".

 Well, I guess this color combo will not be going away any time soon - I do love it!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Goodwill Tuesday - Great Bargains!

Today is Tuesday and that means Senior Citizen Day at Goodwill Industries of North Georgia (a whopping 25% off for anyone over 55). I try to get over there fairly frequently and have been remiss lately but did manage to make it to three stores today. The local Goodwill stores are well organized, clear and bright, and have the nicest employees. It was VERY busy today at all the stores.

I look for three primary items when shopping:
Wing Back chairs bought at Sandy Springs store.

  • upholstered furniture with good bones (and smaller than a sofa) - my best score was a $35 Baker love seat I purchased about three years ago and I keep going back hoping to find comparable bargains
  • accent pillow inserts - I only buy feather/down and only when I can unzip the outer cover to see the condition of the inserts
  • books - the Buckhead store (Roswell Road) in our area seems the have the best readership 
I did end up finding a set of wingback chairs (woodwork in good condition, nice styling, and hand-tied 8-way coil springs) at a cost of $49 for the pair (after discount). I also bought eight pillow inserts ranging from 22" to 16" squares to lumbars. The most I paid was about $3 - the least $1.75.  I also bought five books and cannot wait to start one soon.
My book purchases from Goodwill - Buckhead store
Well, I did pretty well today! I will definitely need to plan better and make it to more of these great stores on Senior Citizen Tuesdays - I cannot resist a good bargain!