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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Ahead - Decorating with Spring Colors!

My photo - Atlanta Botanical Gardens - March 11
I love this time of year.  Everything looks so fresh and renewed!  Here in Atlanta, spring comes quite early.  The daffodils start tentatively raising their heads as early as late January - and this year did not get hit with a typical below-freezing spell that caused them to droop just as quickly.  Tulips, which do not survive well without replanting every year, are now in full bloom and grace many apartment complexes and other more public spaces including the Atlanta Botanical Gardens where I visited on Sunday (too much work for most homeowners).  Trees, particularly the spectacular but smelly Bradford Pears, are in full bloom.  I have renewed my allergy nasal spray just in time!!

The colors of spring are often soft and muted - fresh greens, soft pinks and roses, crisp blues and mellow yellows!  These colors do look great in any home and particularly this time of year, bring spring indoors.  Here are some images that remind me of spring - most from my pinterest boards!

Love the Soft Blue Drapes in this Photo as well as Overall Composition Better Homes and Gardens Image
Sweet Pink Striped Chair Bella Cottage Blog
Love the Color Combination and Green Background in Wall Unit Another Better Home and Garden Image
Love the Green Walls and Accents - My Pinterest Board - Link to Pinterest Board
Love the Styling of this Piece and the Color Scheme - My Pinterest Board - see above
Great Blue Chair - Gwyneth Paltrow Blog link
Great Colors for a Foyer - My Pinterest Board - see above
What a Great Chair - Love the Yellow Accents - My Pinterest Board - see above
Love These Fresh Colors - My Pinterest Board - see above
Soft Yellow Chairs from Wydeven Designs link to catalogue

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  1. We have has an early spring here too! I am already thinking gardening and flowers and it is only March. Love all the pretty pictures.