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Friday, March 23, 2012

A Tale of Two Estate Sales - Vinings and Buckhead

Since I will be participating in our neighborhood garage sale tomorrow, I spent the morning running about to several estate sales (advertised on estatesale.net - check it out for your area).  One sale was on Paces Ferry Road - a main thoroughfare in what is called the "Vinings" part of greater Atlanta.  Vinings is not really incorporated (like Buckhead) but it is a prestigious neighborhood of old homes and quaint shops not far from the heart of the city.  
Early on, Vinings was known as Crossroads, and then Paces, after Hardy Pace around 1830. He operated Pace's Ferry across the Chattahoochee River, in this area between Atlanta, Buckhead, and Smyrna. Paces Ferry Road is still the main east/west road through town. The Western and Atlantic Railroad laid rail tracks from Atlanta, northwest to Chattanooga in the 1840s. Vinings became a construction station for the railroad, and was inadvertently named for Wlliam H. Vining as he worked on the railroad construction of "Vinings Bridge" laying tracks in the area.  link
The sale was in an older home with huge mature surrounding trees including a flowering dogwood - it looked heavenly!

Vinings Sale on Paces Ferry Road 
 The estate sale included some pieces that I would be interested in buying but not at the price they were asking.  They were, however, close enough to warrant some bids so I left some behind.  The lighting inside was somewhat dark and my photos just did not turn out well - but I think you can get the picture.
Settee with some good construction qualities.  The shape is a popular one and the woodwork was in good shape.  The piece has hand-tied coil springs in the foundation - so I know if it well made.  It had no label.  The sale was asking $225 - I bid $85.
This well made leather wingback chair has expansive wings - which I love!  It has good construction features including hand-tied 8-way coil springs in foundation - no label.  They were asking $150 - I bid $75. 
This Martha Washington style chair has very nice woodwork - although it is a brown walnut-like finish - not the usual mahogany.  The piece does have hand-tied 8-way coils in foundation.  The sale was asking $125 - I bid $65. 
This compact club chair is part of a pair - no label but obvious good construction features (again, the hand-tied 8-way coil springs in foundation).  The sale was asking $100 each - I bid $90 for the pair. 
This chair had the same good foundation as the others and no label.  The back cushion is down but it is depleted and will need to be wrapped and enhanced.  The sale wanted $150 for the pair - I bid $80 for the pair.
My next stop was at one of VIcki's sales (one of my favorites) in a beautiful Buckhead home.  As soon as I walked in, I could see the prices would be too high for my taste but there were some very interesting pieces.
Vicki's Sale In Buckhead 

The chairs were all in good shape and outside of my "bidding range".  I did, however, stop to look at a great Hekman (great manufacturer) piece that would fit nicely into space I am vacating in my formal living room.  It needs to accommodate some storage requirements and also my Lladro collection.   To make a long story short, I bought it and ended up bringing two out of the four pieces home in my trusty minivan.  I am going to need help getting them out of the van before I can return for the rest.

FINALLY, I did stop by some of my neighbors garage sales.  The Neely Farm sale is actually Friday and Saturday but I am only doing the Saturday part.  AND, I bought a coffee table that I will be redoing for my lower level TV-watching (not quite a media) room.  So,  a good day!
My Hekman link to company website piece - not sure what to call it!
My new coffee table - to be redone in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - Graphite Perhaps!
Of course, I am still waiting for my husband to see the goods - I sure do hope he lkes/loves these pieces!!

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