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Monday, April 13, 2015

Decorating In Grey

I love this great combo of grey and Bright yellow. - Source
 Grey is seen everywhere in decorating these days. It is a versatile neutral and blends well with so many other colors. I have been somewhat hesitant to add too many really grey products to my Wydeven Designs Collections but certainly have included "grey-tones" and what I will call "gently  greys".
Here are some of the pieces from my collections that would work well in a grey setting - all from my European Linen Collection.
In decorating circles, gray is the new white—and has been for a while. It’s a more elegant neutral that gives depth to subtle colors and makes bold tones pop (rather than shout). But getting gray right is tricky: The “temperature” of a particular shade—cool or warm—can evoke very different feelings and have an enormous impact on the mood of a room.
Here's a perfect example of a "gentle grey" used as a background color. It provides a sophisticated background for the neutrals and sisal-colored floor covering -Source
Again, a very neutral room with grey patterned floor covering and accents - Source
I like how this added pink warms up this cool room - Source

Grey certainly is a wonderful color and provides a wonderful foundation for adding a multitude of warm and cool complementary colors. It would be my number one choice if I were redecorating my home right now - not that there is much chance of getting my husband to agree to that this soon!


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