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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shipping - A Recommendation for TSC Moving

Since I sell large upholstered pieces on eBay and through my website link to website, one of my biggest challenges is to find reasonable and reliable freight shipping options for my customers.  I have been using Greyhound Package Express (station-to-station shipping) for some time and have found it meets many of my needs and is still the cheapest.  In this blog, I want to discuss the main freight shipping - door-to-door option I have now been using for over three years and several hundred shipments - TSC Moving out of Gainesville, FLA - link to their website.

One reason I love this company is that is it VERY easy and quick to get quotes - usually within hours of asking.  They have recently developed a "widget" that can be installed on electronic listings such as eBay which allows potential buyers to get quotes without going through me - how great is that!
Widget to Get Direct Quote
I am in the process of installing this widget into all my listings - here's an example of one of the listings - link to eBay listing with widget 

Another reason I love this company is that they truly are the best value for door-to-door shipping - and I have checked a lot of other options.  It is still not cheap, however, and the further from my location  a piece has to travel(Norcross, Georgia), the more expensive it becomes.  Although the company does cover California, the price is pretty steep and I have yet to use the service for west coast deliveries.  

The final and most important reason I like this company is that they are VERY CAREFUL with my pieces.  They do a blanket-wrap service and handle the transaction from pickup through drop-off themselves.  Most companies broker for space with other carriers to there can be multiple hand-offs and  responsibility is not invested in only one company.  I have had NO damage on any of my shipments - and that is saying a lot!

One drawback (other than some steep prices for far-away destinations) is the fact that they do not cover the entire country although they are constantly expanding.  For example, I have a customer near Madison, Wisconsin - clearly not shown as one of their service areas on the following map.  I have had to use other, less satisfactory methods, to ship two chairs to her last year.  She just made another purchase and TSC accepted the shipment and is only charging $189 - that is a good deal!
TSC Moving Service Area - As Shown on Website
So, I will continue to use TSC and hope they continue to expand.  I also hope that "frequent users" are given a discount down the road - not a current practice - but I'd like to get and pass on every good deal that I can!

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