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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Scott's Antique Market Update - Primitive Decor

Loved the cow picture and green jars - Scott's Antique Market
This is the second weekend in the month which makes it the Atlanta Scott's Antique Market weekend!  link to website.  My friend Bette and I try to make it each month - sometimes with a purchase plan in mind and sometimes not.  Rather than take a scattered approach to reviewing the wares, I tried to focus on a particular decorating trend.  I choose "Primitive Decor" as a trend to check out at the market and took photos of what I thought was reminiscent of that style of decorating.

Looks like a hand-made church - would be great in a primitive setting
Before posting some of my photos, I thought I should review my definition and see if it matched the definition offered by the experts:

Link to site offered the following:
Primitive décor is a style of living. It is supposed to evoke feelings of taking one back to colonial times when things with décor was simple and flaws were welcomed.  It is usually the rusty, old and worn items you see sitting at the market
A painted cupboard 
Another source emphasizes emotions and is very similar to the definition above:
Primitive decorating is a feeling of warmth and simplicity. It speaks to our very soul and brings us back to a time of quiet, uncomplicated living. I truly believe there isn’t just one way to decorate in the “primitive” style. Old fabrics, crates, raffia, twine, buttons and old picture frames can be arranged in any way you’d like to give your home that “lived in” feel.
 A third source suggests that it can be defined in a variety of ways and presents many options of how to incorporate it into a decorating style - this is probably the closest to my belief about primitive decorating:
Rustic bench and baskets
Twig table 
The rules aren’t set in stone. Take some rustic pieces, some old-world paint colors, a bit of crackled varnish or aged wood, and add your own tastes and flair to the mix. 

Painted urn/planter

This is clever - round mirrors made using cans 

Tin hearts 

Rustic table and chairs (I would probably use a spray or chalk paint on these and leave them slightly distressed).
Old trunk - would be great as coffee table! 
Antique French zinc lanterns - vendor/owner told us that she travels regularly to France and visits not just Paris but other flea and rural markets to pick up items like this - we offered to accompany her! 
Another rustic church - loved the stone-like exterior and blue doors.
We saw lots of benches and chairs i
I loved the shutters on this mirror (and table underneath) - what a charming look!

Another great visit to the market and no purchases - sometimes that is a good thing!
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  1. I really enjoyed the tour of Scott's. Next time I'm in Atlanta I plan to time it so I can go. Your blog is a real inspiration!

  2. Think I need to make a trip to Atlanta and visit Scott's :)

  3. Hi Gerrie, I really enjoyed seeing your trip to Scott's. wish I lived in the area. So many great pieces to oogle. thanks so much for linking up to the party!