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My name is Gerrie Wydeven doing-business-as Wydeven Designs. I have been conducting this small GREEN business since 2004. Wydeven Designs, based in the Atlanta, Georgia area, sells CHAIRS, LOVESEATS, CHAISES, SETTEES and other fine, well-constructed refurbished upholstered pieces. I love to travel, cook, take photographs and generally follow style and decor topics as well!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Before and After - My Own Parade

I love what I do!  I find heirloom-quality furniture with good bones (e.g., construction features such as hand-tied 8-way coil springs and other signs of quality) and rejuvenate, redesign, repurpose, refurbish, reinstate to their former (and well beyond) greatness.  I am creating furniture for a new generation and, because of the inherent quality of these mostly-American made products, generations to come.  I am fond of saying:  "You can use this throughout your life and pass it on to your children and grandchildren" because I believe that to be true.  Good furniture can be reupholstered multiple times and as often as your taste (and the condition of your lifestyle) changes.

It is something I do as a small (very small) business but I hope it inspires others to do the same.  The good feeling of not disposing of these great old pieces and retaining the best of American workmanship is worth spreading!

Here for your inspiration is a recent set of before and after photos - in most cases, all that was needed was a great fabric!
Wonderful settee in a versatile cream with a horizontal pattern - this would look great at the end of a bed! 
I bought this chair from a lovely home around the corner - all it needed was a fresh new fabric and the original woodwork was lovely (sold) 
I bought this chair from a consignment shop that was going out of business so the price was within my "sweet spot" range.  I love the straight lines and the size is very versatile.  These would be great at the ends of a dining room table!   
I bought this set from a young couple who had used the set (already reupholstered once) in a nursery.  The workmanship on the set was superb and it is really comfortable! 
I bought this chair from a young couple moving to Texas.  He had inherited it from his mother and didn't care for the purple butterfly fabric.  It is a really well constructed Highland House chair and well worth redoing! 
I bought this lovely set from a widower who was remarrying and moving in with a new wife - a wonderful gentleman.  He talked about how his deceased wife had bought and used these chairs for years and had them in a place of honor in their home.  All pieces are sold on eBay and link to website (slightly out of date awaiting reinstallation of computer equipment that supports this program - not apple-compatible)
See what I mean.  These pieces are well worth redoing and all have stories to share.  I will be linking this posting on some blogs and also would love to have you visit and "like" my business facebook page facebook page

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  1. Glad that you are able to transform these lovely pieces for new 'continued' life.

  2. REALLY lovely makeovers! Such a great thing that you are doing to save those lovely pieces for a whole new life. I love the fabrics that you choose. I saw your post at Miss Mustard See.

    1. Thank you for your comments - I fall in love with fabrics and can't wait to see them on great pieces like these.

  3. It's all the matter of Wow! The above pieces are so gorgeous particularly the first one, because, I would love to have some white furniture and I think, the above design can be great choice for my place. God bless!