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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Gentle Weekend Ramblings

My broken foot in special shoe
Almost exactly one week ago, I broke my right foot in two places (aka Jones Fracture) when attending a great Beatles music concert (Magical Mystery Tour) at a local venue - Verizon Theatre in Alpharetta, Georgia.  In walking (and talking) along the gravel walkway from the parking lot to the theatre, I tripped and fell (actually sprawled) almost scraping my face in the dirt.  My foot had twisted inwardly and seemed OK for about another 200 feet until I noticed it started to throb slightly and was swollen.  I took off my shoes and walked the balance of the way in greater comfort.  Our friends secured a big bag of ice and I propped my feet up for over two hours watching the show and feeling that all was good!  We also alerted some officials at the venue hoping to make the trip back to the car easier by getting permission to bring the car closer or securing a ride in one of their "handicapped" golf carts to the lot.  I thought all this was not necessary until I tried to put weight on the foot and found it really hurt!  I did get a wheelchair ride up to the golf cart stand and a ride to our car.

The next morning, I was seen by my Kaiser Permanente (highly recommended HMO) after-hours clinic doctor and given the awful news that the foot was broken and I would need to see a specialist to be fitted with a "boot".   Long story a little shorter - I did not need a boot but a special shoe and I was told that I could walk wherever I wanted to as long as it was comfortable and I was not placing too much strain on the broken foot.  Given the alternatives (e.g, heavy cumbersome boot, caste, surgery), I was ecstatic!

I was totally bored most of the week and decided to ease into some minor activities over the weekend.  On Friday, I drove for the first time and found that the shoe did not impede my driving although continuous pressure on the foot did result in some aches so I decided I better not overdo it.  I visited two  estate sales and a consignment shop.

This sale in Brookhaven had a lot of nice items at great prices - mostly accessories.
I thought long and hard about buying the top horizontal pictures for my "under renovation" basement.  They were really long and narrow and thought would work well in the space and the price was $50 for both - a very good price.
I really liked the shape and construction features of this little loveseat (one of a pair) priced at $125 each.  I left a bid for $150 (did not get)!!  I am hesitant to pickup to too many of this size pieces because of storage requirements - both at my upholsterer and in my home.  These were not badly priced but I thought my bid was closer to the mark.
I found that my willingness to buy was really impacted by my limitations in getting around and my concern about having to navigate with items in my hands - I was really relying on bannisters and the ability to catch myself if I felt even slightly off-balance.  I SHOULD have bought the two horizontal studies above and a $15 oversized blue and white vase that I know I could have used somewhere.  My friend Ouida and I went back to this sale on Saturday and found it had closed early.  The prices were that good!
Example of sale that I just couldn't make.  The location was good but everything was accessible through the basement which involved a steep decline to the back of the house and then another 14 steps (I was told) back up the house entrance.  I gave up halfway down.
I stopped by a favorite shop - Southern Comfort Consignments in Dunwoody - to look around for several items I need for our "new basement"  (still under renovation).  One is a set of two or three barstools although I am focusing on backless ones.  Some options here but I'm not quite ready to buy yet and these were not FABULOUS prices.
Nice displays at Southern Comfort Consignments.
On Saturday morning, my regular Saturday-morning colleague and I went out for a few hours but did not find anything worth mentioning or photographing.

In the afternoon, my husband accompanied me to the Pottery Barn Outlet Store in Dawsonville, Georgia (part of huge, very crowded outdoor mall area).  I am looking for a 8X10 rug for our renovated basement.  The new floor is a dark walnut stained engineered hardwood and I have selected a few pieces of furniture (from my own Wydeven Designs collection - see link)_ to use so it is time to start looking.  I found this one below that would work with some but not all the pieces.  I did like it however and the price was discounted about 45% from regular Pottery Barn prices.

I  really liked this wool rug but wasn't sure about the light colored (tones of goldish taupe - see below) upholstered pieces I plan to use with it.  The built-in cabinetry in the room (as well as doors) are a charcoal grey so that would work well.
So, those are my gentle outings for the weekend - perhaps a movie and more Olympic watching this afternoon.

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