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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wallpapers - Again - More Shopping for Papers

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Last month, I gleefully discussed a quick and easy trip to my Sherwin-Williams Paint store's wallpaper (book) section to review and select a wallpaper for our lower level bathroom - see see prior blog.  I was  surprised by my sudden interest in wallpapers (after many years thinking they were passe) and loved the patterns I saw in the books.  I ordered a paper and was told it was no longer being manufactured but  that my need of 3 double-rolls could be accommodated - my total cost was a little over $300 for the three double-rolls.

A few days later, I got a call saying that this paper was not available and I would have to select another pattern.  That started me on a MUCH longer journey trying to find something I liked as well as the initial paper and led to success TODAY!

Before lauding the shop (and price-point), I found in Snellville (suburb of Atlanta), I did all of the following - some more than once.  During this period (about two weeks), I decided at least twice to just paint the room but couldn't quite get the desire for wallpaper out of my head.

a)  returning (twice) to Sherwin-Williams to look for wallpaper options, bring home books - not finding anything I liked as well as the original selection.

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b)  visiting a shop in Brookhaven called Brookhaven Home that had lots of books and a very knowledgeable owner.  I was determined not to exceed the $100 per double-roll which I thought was about as much as I wanted to spend on paper and she was able to help me find some choices in this "middle range" - evidently you can go WAY higher than this.  She was having a 20% off sale (off of the listed retail price), so that was helpful.

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c)  visiting a shop in Buckhead called Wallpaper Plus link to website and dealt with owner/designer Sherrie who had about 150 in-stock papers.  They were well selected and I recognized a number of patterns from the books I had been perusing.  Her price was $66.00 per double-roll - a price-point that seemed awfully good to me.  We found several that looked promising and one that had all the right colors although it was a stripe - I hadn't been looking for and wanting a stripe.  It was so perfect, however, that I bought three double-rolls and took them home feeling very successful and frugal!  Unfortunately, when I got it home and reviewed it with my husband in the actual space, it was clear that the room would be too dark.  So, I returned it but did buy some custom blinds from Sherrie.
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Display at Wallpaper Your World
d)  visiting a shop in Snellville called Wallpaper Your World link to website.  The shop is owned by designer Jack H. Poles III and he personally selects the papers which were wonderful - about 200 choices all together.  He also provides a much wider range of decorating services and I highly recommend him just based on what I saw in the shop.  The price - get ready for this - is $33.00 per double-roll - I had to ask two or three times!  I brought three home and selected one.

Today, with my daughter and sweet Eliza in tow, I picked up the rolls and will be handing them off to my general contractor to do the work - I am cheap enough but NOT that handy to do this myself.

Sample of Selections at Wallpaper Your World 
Display at Wallpaper Your World
MY selection

It is hard to project this into my space but I will definitely have to be a "before" and "after"!

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