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Monday, July 2, 2012

A Week-Long Tribute - Decorating in Red, White and Blue

See source below
I think there is enough material out there for me to do a week of "decorating in red, white, and blue" blogs - particularly if I include some glimpses into my photo archives - at least as far back as I can easily get from my current files.

To start with, lets look at some current ideas about using this great color combination in home decorating -  article on patriotic decorating
Flag-inspired touches of red and white stripes, blue ticking fabrics, and stars in all sizes and colors look great against a clean, whitewashed beadboard walls. Add navy upholstery and you'll have a winning room that offers the feeling of a summertime oasis all year.
The use of nautical touches is also mentioned in this article -  article
To add touches of American style to my spaces, I often turn to textiles, particularly nautical prints, or even Ralph Lauren plaids reminiscent of Hamptons-style homes or the preppy Ivy League styles of the Northeast,” Flynn says. “In a master bedroom for a bachelor, I used Navy blue as the room’s base color, then added contrast with red, white and blue nautical pillows.
Nautical and checks - great look year-round (source - Better Homes and Garden website)
I looked at my 2007 photos - earliest available for upholstered furniture demonstrating some of these principles and found some nice pieces that make me nostalgic ... I do fall in love with all my "babies" and miss them after they are gone.

2007 - Classic Camelback Settee in woven toile-like print - Red, White and Blue! 
2007 - Just add a pop of RED - Great Nautical Look! 
2007 - Blue and White Paisley - traditional AND modern!  Just add RED!
Ralph Lauren Nautical Fabric - I did two pieces in this - wish I had more! 
More formal - but it's got the look! 
Blue and White Cotton Toile on French style settee - still looks like a 4th of July candidate to me!

 It is lovely to go back and look through my archives on this red, white and blue journey - more to come - http://wydevendesigns.com/


  1. Hi there! I know this is a bit late, but do you happen to know anything about the design/age of the "2007 - Classic Camelback Settee in woven toile-like print - Red, White and Blue!" ? I recently bought a wingback chair in what I think is the same toile upholstery (it really looks identical), and I wondered, well, if you knew anything about it! If you have a moment, I would love to hear how/when you acquired it? Or maybe whether you did the work on it yourself? My chair is actually quite sunbleached so I wouldn't be terribly disappointed if it was a newer fabric (please pardon my lack of knowledge on the subject!).

    Thank you very much for any help you could give me!


  2. Yes, it has been a while. I believe I bought this at Calico Corners - clearance sale so it is probably no longer available. It was an unusually heavy fabric for this style. I do not do my own upholstery work and use a local shop. Good luck!