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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fine Upholstered Furniture in the Bathroom

Upholstered bench in my own bathroom
Since I am always trying to convince people that they need more fine upholstered furniture (particularly mine) and that there are so many places in their homes for a possible good fit, I feel compelled to share ideas like this one - placing fine upholstered furniture in bathrooms.

I have a lovely bench in my own master bathroom which has had over 12 years two sets of fabric to match the green and cream toile in the room. It is currently upholstered in a loose-weave cream woven pattern with tight-woven trim and round pillows. It is the place that I use to place clothes I plan to wear; sit on to put on my shoes or socks; and, my granddaughters love to pretend it is a boat or a plane. It is a useful piece and I am happy that I have the space.

I researched (googled) the phrase "upholstered furniture in bathroom" and got one good article on the subject from House Beautiful as well as a number of great images - the latter of which I placed on my pinterest board link.
Upholstered seating in the bathroom is not the most common thing to see - it is a rarity to have enough space to accommodate furniture in one of the smaller, more utilitarian rooms in the home. It can look great though - turning a room that sometimes feels cold and impersonal into much more of a sanctuary. It creates...
...a room that functions as more of a hybrid between the a dressing room and the bathroom - a place for taking a long bath and getting ready for an evening out. link to article
The following images are all parked on my pinterest board (see above link) with source information.

This Art Deco chair has great curves to complement this space. 
I often see ottoman in bathrooms as well as large dressing rooms - these are such versatile pieces!
I love tis elegant piece which is probably more "artistic" than comfortable but it would certainly be useful as a place to stack towels or guest toiletries. 
This looks like the ultimate in luxury particularly with the open window. 
Lovely and petite!
 I always have some pieces in my inventory that I think would work in a bathroom setting - depending on the size and set up of the bathroom. Here are some examples.

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