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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Visiting the Great Atlanta Fabric Houses

Atlanta is home to two old fabric houses that cater to decorators and homeowners for miles around. They are located in the inner "industrial" area of the city - near the water treatment plant - with views of the Atlanta skyline. Both have been around for over 60 years. One is Lewis and Sheron link and the other is Forsyth Fabrics link. They carry all types of decorator fabrics and Lewis and Sheron has a great line of North Carolina upholstered pieces that can be upholstered in any of their in-stock or ordered fabrics.

On a rainy day yesterday, I accompanied a neighborhood friend in her quest to find the right fabric for two Victorian-era chairs she has just inherited. She mentioned she wanted to visit and, of course, I jumped on the opportunity to accompany her - I cannot resist hanging around great fabrics.

Both stores have an impressive array of fabric choices at pretty good prices that appear to be more reasonable than Calico Corners Fine Fabrics. They have far more choices as well. Forsyth has a "clearance corner" - fabrics are marked $8, $10 and $11. This is still more than I am willing to pay for the fabrics used in refurbishing my fine furniture but a pretty good deal for a homeowner.

The stores both have extensive in-stock availability and many many more that can be ordered at a reasonable price (far below recommended retail).

Racks near entrance at Forsyth - these are linens and cottons.
More racks at Forsyth - arranged by color groups and types of fabrics - wovens and silks and solids were in another area. 
I do love all things blue - this rack is at Lewis and Sheron - they do not separate the types of fabrics - all blues  are grouped together (silks, cottons, linens, silks, wovens).
More racks at Lewis and Sheron - blues and greens are big colors this year.

Look at the fish in the top and bottom fabrics - love them!
Well, with dashing in and out of the rain to get into the shops (with another one in between whose name I didn't capture), I failed to take many photographs. My friend was looking for a mid-size woven print with reds, greens and golds and didn't find many that would work for her. We discussed this color combo with one of the decorators who told us that true red is currently hard to find - it it out of "cycle" for fabric houses. Most of the reds are either brownish or raspberry - not cherry. She did find several gorgeous embellishing fabrics including a crewel but these were $45-60 per yard and even if that is a good price for this type and style of fabric, it is more than she wants to spend. She did feel that the visits were worthwhile and helped her establish some better ideas of what to do with her chairs.

I saw a number of fabrics that I either have in my current inventory or have used. I am always happy to compare these prices - several were in the $40-60 a yard range - which is great for me and my customers. Fun all around!


  1. If i make it to Ikea or to visit freinds that way I'll have to book mark those shops to visit! $0-$60 per yard is way too steep for me, so I can't buy any of those. I do't even glance their way....but I love to look & see what's current. Have you been to or live around a $2$4$6$8 Fabric Store? We have one east of NAshville & I know there is one in Alabama - not sure about GA. But, as the name implies, nothing over $8 per yard & it's all upholstery & home dec.


  2. I love looking at fabric even if I don't currently have a project...just smoothing your hand across it and admiring the colors is so satisfying.
    I have recently purchased: Duralee, pattern 42015, color strawberry. It has a red background with lots of light green, blue and gold. Your friend may be interested but not sure if she would want it for a victorian look.