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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Personal Delivery is a New Service

Over the last two months, I (often accompanied by my patient husband) have delivered furniture to four locations and we are planning another trip to Asheville, NC, this weekend. It is not a service we advertise or intended to provide - it just happened.

We have offered to deliver if the distance is reasonable (2 hours or less from our home near Atlanta) or the location is one we want have an interest in visiting. We have charged an amount that covers our car expenses and a little extra but less than any shipping process/company I know of would charge so it is a win-win all around.

It started with a customer from Warner Robins who purchased two chairs. Warner Robins (home of Air Force base) is about two hours south of the City of Atlanta. I had already "booked" my husband to travel to the Scott's Antique Markets on the south side (we live north) to look at and purchase a custom headboard for our master bedroom mini-redo. So, I suggested that a short distance further (slight exaggeration here) would not be too difficult. Our buyer loved the idea and we traveled to her home with plenty of time to spare to get the Markets by noon. Easy - easy!

The next opportunity involved a couple from Columbia, SC (about four hours away). We didn't want to travel that far but worked out a deal to meet half-way near Augusta, Georgia (site of the famous PGA golf tournament). We had never visited Augusta although had driven by many times. So, a visit to Augusta was planned and the delivery coordinated on a quiet Sunday.

These deliveries on a weekend morning worked out so well with little traffic and easy coordination, I started thinking more about the personal delivery option while discussing logistics with clients. A new client came along wanting to buy six items from Asheville, NC. We had visited Asheville at least three times over the past 20 years or so but had not been there recently and had a free weekend.We loaded what we could in our trusty van (could only accommodate four out of the six pieces so I did get a shipping quote for the balance) and traveled to the city several weekends ago. I posted a summary of that trip here.

Early the next week, a Georgia buyer bought a chaise lounge and we discussed the process of getting it to her in Summerville (near Chattanooga, TN). I decided that a mid-week trip would work and we agreed on a delivery cost. It turned out to be a questionable travel day with rain and threats of rain (like it has been all summer around here) but I made the trip without mishap and met this delightful customer at her home. She and her family were experiencing some medical difficulties and my delivery trip helped them deal with their scheduling conflicts.

And back to the Asheville client (a delightful Southerner who raises and shows great danes), she bought three more pieces so were back to five total (other set had not yet been picked up by my shipper). We are now loading up for another delivery this weekend - this time stopping by in the North Georgia Mountains to visit friends on Sunday.
Bergere set with small settee and pair of French style chairs are being delivered this weekend.
So, a lot of deliveries in a short period of time. We are finding these easy to accommodate and thoroughly enjoying meeting the buyers of these lovely pieces - it gives me a great sense of their wonderful new homes. We are particularly interested in doing an overnight trip to Nashville, TN. We used to travel there at least annually but it has been 8-10 years since that time and a nice delivery to the area would be a great opportunity.

SO .. if you live in the Nashville area or know of someone who does and need some great heirloom-quality upholstered furniture - this is an opportunity for quick and reasonable delivery!  

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