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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sharing - French Country Styling - Trumeau Mirrors

One of my faithful blog followers made a comment on a recent posting about French country style decorating link indicating that she has friends who are expert creators/painters of trumeau mirrors and asked if I'd like an "on-line" introduction. I have one such mirror/painting at home and had not known that this was what it was called:

tru•meau (or trumeaux)

Pronunciation: (trOO-mō'; Fr. try-mō'), [key]
—pl. -meauxPronunciation: (-mōz'; Fr. -mō'). [key]
1. a mirror having a painted or carved panel above or below the glass in the same frame. 
2. Archit.a column supporting a tympanum of a doorway at its center.

Read more: trumeau: meaning and definitions | Infoplease.com http://dictionary.infoplease.com/trumeau#ixzz2c3CvWRBU
She shared some of their great work with me as well as their "bios" and contact information. I, in turn, am happy to share this information with you! I understand that the artists are sisters and think their work is exceptional! ENJOY!

Brandi McKenna    bran1973@gmail.com
Brandi McKenna paints classical landscapes in oils. Working closely with her sister, Dustin Harlan, they design and create together one of a kind custom pieces, reminiscent of centuries past. They are available for commissioned works, classes, restoration, and repair.  Brandi, influenced by French and Dutch masters, paints the "picture" part of the trumeaux.

Dusti Harland   dmh6663@gmail.com

Being an artist and a maker of things comes naturally to Dusti who grew up in North Carolina surrounded by her mother's beautiful antiques, white damask linens, blue willow china, Francis The First flatware, and also in her father's basement workshop, playing with his tools. She would stare at the silver fretwork casserole stands atop the Duncan Phyfe buffet and long to take them into the workshop and cut them up and make them into her own creations.

Captivated by the  world where tools were skillfully wielded by her father, playing with scraps of wood and metal, she developed a love for creating, making things, and altering things into her own designs.

Her father's Shopsmith now sits in her workshop, a three thousand square foot historic brick building, where she and her sister, Brandi, put it to use collaborating on unique pieces like their own version of French Country trumeaux. That's also where she cuts up vintage silver to make jewelry and sculpture, carves beautiful bas reliefs in wood and cobbles bones, lighting and other reclaimed materials into richly textured functional sculpture for the home and body.

Bending things to her will by hook or by crook, or rather by saw and chisel, elbow grease, and countless dremel accessories, the world is her blank canvas.

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