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Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Week of Buying Adventures!

This has been a busy week of buying "refurbish-able" upholstered furniture. We are getting close to a two-week vacation out of the country, so I am feeling particularly compelled to get out there and check out as many bargains as I can. Sales have also been robust (for my world), so there is even some money and, more importantly, room for more pieces.

The week started with a phone call from one of my favorite vendors, Vicki, who had a nice sale over the last weekend. I had found a set of great Kindel (perfect condition) dining/accent chairs that were priced pretty high. I had left a bid for 1/3rd the price thinking that was the end of it so was surprised to get a call from Vicki saying that the bid was accepted. I picked up the chairs on Monday afternoon and listed them "as is" on eBay. They are currently under bid with lots of viewers. So, it looks like this was a good investment.

I had been corresponding with a couple living on Lake Lanier (North Georgia) in a city called Flowery Branch. They live on a houseboat and were selling a set of Norwalk accent chairs. I liked the look and have had good luck with Norwalk which is a good to very good brand. The styling is generally very good. So, I drove out there on Tuesday to look at (and buy) the chairs which I plan to reupholster in a great Robert Allen "Beacon Hill" velvet on linen fabric to coordinate with the black woodwork,
The trip was not that long and the visit to the marina where the couple is living was charming - photo of chair below.  I did actually go to Marietta the same afternoon to see (and not buy) a set of club chairs and ottoman - the quality was just not good enough.
The "weekend" estate sales often start as early as Thursday, and I checked out sales Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

This was a nice sale and well orchestrated - something that I have learned to appreciate over the years. This is a neighborhood about six miles from my home.
There were definitely interesting things for sale but the prices were a little high. I left two bids - one on the French style chair and another on the set of club chairs (Drexel Heritage) with ottoman. I haven't heard back so think I didn't get either one. 
This was one of Vicki's sales - it was being held in the garage and lower level of this fabulous house. i did pick up the Southwood Martha Washington chairs (plan to redo in a wonderful green and cream zebra stripe). I also left a bid for two wingback chairs and an ottoman and think I didn't get those.
Line of people waiting to get into Dan Carithers home for the estate (moving sale).
On Saturday, we (now traveling with my faithful companion, Ouida), we really struck out - not much to see and most of the sales were Friday/Saturday meaning that all the good stuff was long gone. We did attend an estate sale at the home of nationally-renowned Atlanta-based interior designer Dan Carithers Link to article bout Dan. I attended his design shop closing about two years ago and bought some wonderful fabrics at great prices. His home was actually somewhat modest but very interesting - although everything was pretty pricey. I was told that he is in poor health and was moving.

On Saturday afternoon, I got a phone call from an estate sale I had attended on Thursday and left some bids). I ended up getting three pieces (two of which are photographed below) for 75% off of the price they had been asking. Not a bad deal!
The chair in the middle is one of two that I got in Flowery Branch - see houseboat sale above.
So, pretty good for the week. I even stopped by a local thrift shop that is run by volunteers and benefits pet shelters and pet placement. I have never bought here but I do check and it is a good cause. I bought two 1950-60's era "junior barrister" chairs that have split leather and solid woodwork - I plan to redo both the wood and the fabric but haven't decided what to use yet.

I got tired just writing this posting!

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  1. I have learned so much about buying used, but good, furniture and about going to estate sales. I had no idea one could put in a bid! Thanks so much for such an informative post.