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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Spring Trends and Inspiration

Signs of Spring Blooming - source
Here in HotAtlanta, Spring is definitely in the air.  The daffodils bloomed early this year (January) and no cold-spell has snapped their proud stance (so far).   The air is crisp and clear and colors are emerging all over.  There are days of upper 60's temperatures and it feels just wonderful.  I am inspired by this weather to look critically at my own home and see where I need to move out tired pieces and spruce up the overall look and feel of our space.  I checked a couple of websites for "Spring 2012 Trends" and found some good advice, in addition to a review of hot colors for this time of year.


Light-hearted and ethereal are the buzz words that best describe the 2012 Spring Decorating Trends.

Use of color this spring mirrors the general trend of neutral backgrounds with bright pops of jewel tones such as emerald green, ruby red, golden yellow and sapphire blue. Gold, silver and other metallic elements [see my blog from yesterday on this subject] are back this season, big-time. As are mirrored or lucite furniture or accessories that lend a magical effect to any room. All of these accents add interest or bling to the mostly neutral walls and draperies.

Cost-cutting style trends are a must this Spring. The top choice to purchase is refurbished second-hand furniture found at thrift-stores, antique shops or estate sales [emphasis added}. Using such pieces can really stretch a budget, which is so important during the economically challenging times many are facing, these days.  link to site and full article
 I found a number of great Do-It-Yourself "spring-like" images on pinterest and a series of photographs that I would love to have taken on the web - these really made my day!

All images above - downloadable free images on website

Spring is a good time to evaluate a variety of plans for yourself and for your space - it is time to renew and refresh!  I hope these images help you do that!


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