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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Annie Sloan Chalk Paints - Colors and Interesting Uses

ASCP color ranges mixed with off-white - link to Cirue Interiors blog
Last weekend, I picked up the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP) book;  Quick and Easy Paint Transformations and have studied it cover to cover.  I must admit that the experimentation I have already done with 8 different chairs has taught me a lot.  But, there is always something new to learn.   I am concentrating on two elements of knowledge:

1)  How can I extend the color range of the paints I already have bought (graphite, off-white and duck egg blue)

2)  Besides chairs and wooden pieces, on what else can I use this marvelous paint.

The book itself shows the paint being used on ironwork lamps, candelabras and cement outdoor planters - amongst other items.  My pinterest and internet research shows me that this is just the tip of the iceberg!

First to the colors and expanding the range.  I found a website Link to Cirue Interiors that has done a marvelous job showing the range of colors that can be achieved just by adding off-white and provides strips to illustrate the variation.  I have included them in a few of this blogger's more unique projects perfectly illustrating both issues I mention above:

Refurbished Lamp Base - Using Persian Blue
Here are some of the writer's tips on creating texture in the paint  ... take more paint with the brush and brush it gently.  The options are endless you can even use your fingers; make letters, figures and so on. Once the paint is completely dry the next step is the wax. First apply a coat of clear wax and then a thick coat of dark wax. Use enough wax so you can almost not see the colour of the paint and let it dry. Use clear wax again to remove some of the dark wax excess and disclose the texture, the dark wax is what makes the texture show, so it is good to use a lot.
Refurbished Chandelier and Range of Colors from link
I found several creative uses on ASCP on another blogsite "Silver Pennies - link to site
including this great lamp redo and a very interesting application on fabric to make accent pillows.

Details of how to achieve this can be found on website - link
Emperor's Red Used on Accent Pillow - source
My own French Chair Project - Graphite Black over Off-white http://wydevendesigns.com

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  1. Just did my first piece in this color - can't wait to have upholstery work done and show it! First, I painted the French style chair off-white and then put one coat of the duck egg blue - slightly diluted with off-white - over the first coat leaving groves and valleys showing hints of the white - I liked the results.