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Friday, April 26, 2013

Selling on One Kings Lane - An Update

Most recent sale on One Kings Lane - French Style Bench. I like the clean look of their photographs.
Recently, I reported that I had been approached by One Kings Lane "Vintage and Market Finds" Team inviting me to sell some of my refurbished upholstered furniture through their site. Here is a link to my current sale in this section.They actively search out other sales and websites and seek potential vendors for their sales. I described in my earlier post that there were two issues that I needed to deal with in order to take advantage of this offer.

1.  Their "take" is 35%, so my sales prices would have to be higher than those offered on eBay and Etsy in order for me to make the same amount. Etsy is the lowest priced in this group.

2.  The sales team wants photographs against a very clean, preferably white background so that their photoshop folks can easily post the photographs based on their standards.

I struggled with the latter until I found that I could use either my garage cream background (placing a cream colored sheet or sheets on the floor to equalize the two areas) or my lower level fabric room which has goldish walls and carpeting that are similar in color.  I have successfully used both to photograph over a dozen items and submit them to the site for sale. I must admit, I like how the site makes my pieces look and have downloaded their photos to include in my other sale sites.

So, what is my experience to date?

I have listed about 10 items on the site - some twice. I have had three sales - two to the same individual. The sales run only for five days which seems to spur a lot of activity.

This set of chairs was my first sale. I took the photos in my garage against a plain background and placed a sheet on the floor. The One Kings Lane photoshop team created the crisp version by eliminating the background.
One thing that is very nice for me is that all my sales on this site are subject to "white glove" delivery service that is paid for by the buyer and totally arranged by the site. They send me the bill of lading and the shipping company notifies me when they can pick up - super easy!

I just sold these striped club chairs on One Kings Lane - waiting for pickup.

Other items listed on One Kings Lane - none sold on that site but the yellow wing backs and bench are no longer available. I will be re listing the others unless they sell before they are scheduled.
 So, what do I think?

This is one more on-line selling venue and I would guess they might be open to being contacted if someone is interested in using them - they contacted me so I did not have that experience. Because of their portion of the sale, the prices are higher than other venues but the site does seem to attract quite a following. It also has a very professional appearance and appears to be well-run. Lastly, I can only address the selling side of their transactions since I have not been on the buying side - I cannot afford their great offerings for reasons that I now fully understand!

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  1. Had a conversation with a vintage furniture dealer just today that suggested I check out One Kings Lane to sell my vintage/antique linens. Your items look great but I sell a lot of white, cream, ecru colored linens and like you I think I may have a problem with the white background. Just don't know if I want to even try on this site as I already sell on Ebay and have recently started on Esty, too.