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Friday, July 26, 2013

Decorating Styles - French Country

Lovely Country French Setting link to Better Homes and Gardens.

French country styles and patterns have emerged from southern France where they originated in small villages, and now these scenic designs are popular worldwide. The key parts of this design include easy accessories, rustic furniture, and patterns that are quintessentially of the Provence region. source.
I have often said that I would love to "do" (buy, refurbish, sell, live-in) only French Country if I had a choice. It is by far my favorite style of decorating and most of the things I really love in a home work well within its broad parameters. If I could have a second home on a lake or in the mountains or anywhere but in the Palm Spring Desert of Southern California where I would do art deco/mid-century style), it would definitely be a Country French home.

What is Country French or French Country? Much has been written and illustrated about this style - not all of it consistent.

Here are a few definitions and/or examples:

A well-designed French country home inspires comfort and relaxation. Upholstered chairs and couches in different colors and patterns invite people to make themselves at home. The style is a natural for entertaining, with its emphasis on connecting the indoors to the outdoors and interesting conversation pieces. source.
I like this one because it evokes a sense of belonging and furnishing a home for others to enjoy. The next one even brings in a glass of wine - what's not to like about Country French!

 French Country style evokes rolling hills planted with vineyards, abundant flowers and distinctive stone homes with narrow windows and thick walls. The style is oriented toward comfort, tradition and simplicity. If it's fancy, it probably isn't French Country. A house decorated in this style should welcome visitors, inviting them to put their feet up and enjoy a glass of wine. source.
 The Country French style has elements of soft upholstered pieces, muted as well as vibrant color palettes, handsome wooden pieces - many in "faux" finishes/paints, and fresh country details. I do think pictures do the best job of illustrating the style.

Lovely muted colors - source - Better Homes and Gardens
Antique furniture and toiles - source - Better Homes and Gardens 
I set up a pinterest board (link to my French Country board) with images I found readily on the internet as well as "repinned" from other boards - very easy to find.  
Just some of the pieces in my current inventory that work well with French Country style .
Using chalk paint on almost any piece of furniture makes it a good candidate for a French Country look! 
The toile covered bench may be the most quintessential Country French piece possible!
What do you think of this style - are you incorporating it into your home and in what ways - let me know!


  1. Another great post! Gerrie, I wanted to email you privately, but could not find an email address. I have 2 artist friends that make new, but look antique, trumeaux very much like the one pictured. If you are ever interested, I can put you in touch with them. Connie
    gatlinsnipes at hotmail dot com

    1. Thanks Connie. I do love French Country but my home if full (stuffed) and am not looking for more right now. If your friends have a blog or website, I would be happy to feature.


    2. Hi Gerrie, I just saw that you are a follower of my blog. Thank you! Your offer to feature the trumeaux was quite gracious and the artist friends are thrilled. Their website is http://www.harlanmckennadesigns.com/
      but it is not up and running. (illness in the family) If you will email me at the above address, I will send you photos and artist bios. Connie

    3. Oops...not sure why all the words separated.