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Monday, October 1, 2012

Shopping for a Console Table - Interior Antiques Market

I have written about our wonderful lower level (aka basement) renovation and am very pleased with the outcome and the decor I have created read more here.  There is a space that is perfect for a narrow and long console table that could be used as a food buffet station and be tall and wide enough to tuck three 30" high round stools under it.  So, I am looking for a table that is approximately 35-6" inches high and up to 88" wide but no more than 15" deep.  This last measurement seems to be a tricky one.  I have been looking for almost two months and have seen little that works.  I have found three vendors at Scott's Antique Markets (monthly in Atlanta) that are willing and able to make a custom table for me - the price range is about $500 - $800. Before deciding on that solution (and being a true cheapskate/bargain hunter), I have been stopping by all sorts of places in the area to scout other options.  Last week, I visited the Interiors Antiques Market on Bennett street in the Buckhead area of the city.  

This shop link to website, is part of the Bennett Street Market area including art galleries and other interesting places.   It is tucked into an obscure intersection which you are likely to miss the first time you pass it - GPS is helpful here!  It is in a very busy area of Buckhead, so I would definitely recommend traveling there outside of the heavy traffic hour windows.

I liked the shop immediately and found the folks at the front desk very helpful. I discussed my console table quest and they acknowledged that probably nothing they had would be perfect but had some suggestions. One idea that has been offered several times is to buy a piece that has an interesting base which means it does not provide space for my stools. I may be willing to consider that down the road but just bought these stools from craigslist (3 for $120) - (Crate and Barrel's) so I would really like to use them.  
Photo from Crate and Barrel's website - I bought three of these for $120 off of Craigslist - retail is $99 each!
I did not spend a huge amount of time at the shop since I was on a mission to pick up a set of WONDERFUL wingback chairs that I was also buying from a Craigslist ad (more on this subject later) and had a limited amount of time before our appointment.  Here are some images of some of the great spaces I saw - I will definitely be back!  
Photo of one console table.  I loved the look of this but it is not high enough for my stools and too deep.  Cost was over a $1000 which, of course, is another issue for me.
First shop I saw inside the space - love the colors.  There is a console table tucked behind bright and patriotic artwork on left.  I wouldn't mind something this simple to go with my chairs but it was not quite tall enough and has that brace along the bottom. 
Nice buffet console - I am planning to have at least one and perhaps a pair of lamps on top (already have those as well).
Nice space at shops - yours truly in mirror. 
Another interesting space.
Another console table - not was wide as I would like and too deep.   
Love the star mirrors - I am obsessed with this type of look. 
Love the fish!
This is the best price I found for a console table.  It is too low and a little too plain for me.  Price was still around $350. 
Love these lamps!
This shop was all about blue and white porcelain - what's not to like!  
More interesting spaces.
This was an interesting visit although I did not find my console table.  The prices were a little high but the merchandise overall was unique and well presented.  I love exploring these types of shops!

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