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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall Color Trends - Rich Colors!

Pantone's color palette for 2012
There are multiple sources of "color trends" and it is an easy subject to research on-line.  I found several that I am sharing in this posting but there are many more available.  For me, spring and summer are all about subtlety in hues and values while fall and winter bring out the boldest colors - there is just something about nature's own color show that requires dramatic responses in our homes.

The go-to source for any discussion about color trends is pantone - link to website.  
Pantone LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of X-Rite, Incorporated, is the world-renowned authority on color and provider of color systems and leading technology for the selection and accurate communication of color across a variety of industries. The PANTONE® name is known worldwide as the standard language for color communication from designer to manufacturer to retailer to customer.
In 1963, Lawrence Herbert, Pantone's founder, created an innovative system of identifying, matching and communicating colors to solve the problems associated with producing accurate color matches in the graphic arts community. His insight that the spectrum is seen and interpreted differently by each individual led to the innovation of the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM®, a book of standardized color in fan format.

Not everyone agrees fully with their color choices but it is easy to see their influence throughout the industry.  For example, their tangerine tango color of the year for 2012 - discussed by me here - is still showing up all over the place in home decor and fashion.

A fall-inspired orange accent color adds vibrancy to the tan walls and gray fireplace surround. Exotic patterns, colorful fabrics and sheer chocolate-brown draperies make this space elegant and visually appealing. Design by Shelly Riehl David. HGTV Website
Here are some trends I found including an integration with a couple of pieces from my Wydeven Designs Collection (link to my website).
Elegantly Bronze
RMS user Katie Kirby transforms her dining room into an elegant, coastal retreat. By tying in bronze hues from the ceiling, wallpaper and draperies, she emits a calming, yet formal atmosphere. An orange and red floral centerpiece brings in familiar fall colors that pop within the room.  HGTV Website 
Dark Red
An assortment of lacquered plates and trays creates a bold display in a living room. To color it red, lacquer is tinted with cinnabar or vermilion. Lacquer can also be dyed black, green, yellow, gold, or brown by adding various pigments, as in the lacquered eighteenth-century Chinese side table.  Martha Stewart Website
Yellow Chair
This warm yellow upholstered chair is a cozy spot in a largely white-washed room.  Martha Stewart Website 
Nature's landscape: the color palette contrasts between dark tones of Granite, Slate and Soil with pops of Bright Pinks and Purples; prominent colors of warm and cool shades of Green and Berry with brushed Coppers are combined in beautiful silhouettes - Pantone -   link to website.

Some lovely fall images here - from either the HGTV or Martha Stewart Sites - so exploring!

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