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Friday, October 12, 2012

Chalk It Up - Annie Sloan Chalk Paints in My Home Town

Display at the Purple Poppy - Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Seller in Norcross, GA (photos taken over weekend)
Over the weekend, I discovered a shop in Historic Norcross (my home town) that is carrying Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP) and told Lynn White, owner of Chalk It Up, that I would return to visit and write a blog about her shop. Yesterday, was that day!

For those following my earlier ASCP postings, over a year ago, you know how hard it has been to find local ASCP sellers -  link to Annie's website.  I have ordered on-line from a shop in Alabama; traveled to Senoi, Georgia (about 60 miles away), to buy the paint only to find their stock was low; visited another location that was no longer carrying the paints; and, finally, found a source at the monthly Atlanta Scott's Antique Market.  This new location, however, is the most convenient and, as it turned out, the most friendly and helpful.  Lynn tells me that she has had the paints and other paraphernalia available for about 11 months.  

The actual "shop" is inside another very interesting shop space called the Purple Poppy.  The Chalk It Up displays are in the back of this shop.  
I chatted with Lynn about her experiences and what her "shop" was offering.  She is very enthusiastic about the paint and has several classes available to help people better understand how it works and the glorious options available. Her website,  link to website, includes the class schedule and provides a lot of information about the paints including a gallery of projects demonstrating different colors and techniques.  

Several ASCP projects 
I love the deep red (Emperor's Silk) on the base of this table.

ASCP color board at the shop.  I bought Cream and Graphite as well as the dark and clear wax.  
Lynn and I discussed several techniques and combinations - some of which I will give a try.  She convinced me to try "cream" which is similar to "old ochre" but a little yellower.  I like these light colors because they blend well with the fabrics I use and are very neutral.  After this purchase, I have the following neutral colors - "old white",  "old ochre" and "cream".  

Lynn also gave me a tip on how to create a blacker black with the "graphite" which I often use as a leg/woodwork color on my refurbished chairs.  The graphite is a charcoal grey with can be darkened using the dark wax but never really comes out a true black.  Lynn indicated that Annie Sloan herself has said that it is her intention to stay true to the French tradition that these paints support and that true black was not amongst the colors used.  Evidently, all her colors are true to that tradition - nice to know!
Lynn told me that I can make the graphite paint "blacker" by adding just a little of this acrylic paint available at Hobby Lobby - Liquitex ($4.99).  I definitely plan to try this!

More ASCP displays

I enjoyed my visit and paid for my purchases.  ASCP products are not cheap but they are great.  It goes against my generally cheap-skate tendencies to pay this much for this kind of supply but I do so happily (sort of) with these products.  Lynn did make me feel a little better about my extravagance.  For each can of paint she sells, a $1.00 is donated to a worthwhile charity - The Journey House See Journey House website.


  1. Photography is beautiful and looks like a really beautiful shop and fun place. Thank you for such a beautiful recommendation!