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Thursday, October 4, 2012

How to Pick a Color Scheme from BHG - I love their website!

Like a lot of people, I get a LOT of unwanted advertising and information every day and spent some time trying to figure out how to keep it from reaching me. The frequent messages from Better Homes and Gardens (BHG) are an exception. They are almost always very informative and useful.  Someone over there knows what they are doing.

Today's message emphasized tips on selecting colors and color schemes - always a timely subject. I just finished decorating our recently completed lower level (aka basement) space read about it here and had the luxury of almost starting from scratch with color selections since it is so removed from the rest of my house. I did stick with the wall colors in adjacent space (a goldish taupe) but added charcoal and seafoam blue in furnishings and accent paint. This latter color was the result of finding the right rug - one of the "tips" mentioned by BHG as a good starter.

Here are the tips and some photos to accompany the text.  Very informative!  For the full article and photos check this link.

Take Colors from a RugA rug is the foundation for a room. Draw from colors featured in a pattern rug to create a cohesive look.
Photo of my renovated lower level - the rug was the inspiration for this color scheme (there is a seafoam blue chair off to the right as well as a painted table in this color). 
Be Inspired by ArtArt adds personality to a room. Using it as a foundation creates a great color scheme as seen in this European-inspired bedroom.
From the BGH article - the picture on the back well inspired the room colors. 
Pick Your Favorite ColorYou are sure to love your room if you choose your favorite color to be the base  
Stick with a Classic ComboBlue and white, green and blue, red and brown -- you can't go wrong when you stick to classic combos like this blue-and-yellow cottage living room. of the scheme as in this orange and blue bedroom.
Classic Blue and White (with bright yellow) from the BHG article - my Cane-sided Wingback Chairs on the right which would work well with this theme.  
Dress Your WindowsUse window treatment fabric to set a color scheme in your room. Draw from the fabric's main hues, then distribute those hues throughout the room with pieces of furniture and accessories.  
Use Hues of a CollectibleBe inspired by colors featured in your collection, such as the pair of green glass jugs in this display, that complements the beach theme throughout the home.
From BHG article.
Draw from a PillowPick shades from a color-filled pillow just like this one. To make the pillow the feature piece in the room, choose a light tone for the wall color, such as soft salmon pink in this case.  
Consider a ThemeDecorating themes often incorporate a color theme such as this beach-inspired bedroom, which features classic blue and white.  
Look in Your ClosetLove the look of your favorite outfit? Translate it into a room. Start with the color scheme, then accessorize with items that radiate the style of your clothes.  
Draw from an AccessoryCharming vases, frames, and other accessories offer inspiration in their lively hues -- such as this display of green picture frames. The pretty Kelly green of the frames inspired the rest of the home's color scheme.
From BHG article.
Set the AtmosphereSerene, cozy, vibrant ... Pick hues based on the way you want to feel when you walk into the room. For example, the relaxing white and linen beige tones used in this bedroom present a cozy atmosphere.  
Base It on a Piece of FurnitureWhen starting fresh in a room, choose a piece of furniture you want to center the room around. This living room's color palette was based on colors that work with the orange velvet sofa.
BHG Photo on the left and my "bold" botanical wingback (one of a pair) on the right - it would definitely provide a great color palette.
Start with Wallpaper
As wallpaper continues to make its comeback, consider it as the foundation of your color scheme. The whimsical white and gold pattern on the wallpaper in this room inspired the use of yellows throughout the bedroom.
From BHG article

In addition to this great article, I found many other "color theme" discussions on on the BHG website including a quiz that you can take to determine your color personality - link here.  Neat!!

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