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Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Visit to Lake Burton - Lake Property Dreaming!

This was a beautiful fall weekend in Georgia. I had a successful garage sale on Saturday (netted over $600 between my daughter and me) and was able to drop off most of the items not sold at our neighborhood Goodwill Donation Center. GREAT!

During the sale, a neighbor stopped by to chat and mentioned that she and her siblings were selling a family lake home located on Lake Burton in northern Georgia.  I once (many, many years ago) owned a lake house in Wisconsin and have never lost the love of lake property. It sounded wonderful!  Since my husband and I had been talking about taking a Sunday "fall leaves" drive north, we decided to make this our destination.

The day was bright and sunny so we enjoyed the nice two-hour drive. The leaves are not yet at their optimum but beautiful never-the-less. The location of the property on Lake Burton is in Clarksville, Georgia.

Here is information about Lake Burton which, like almost all lakes in the State of Georgia, is man-made  - website
Lake Burton and Rabun County was named for Jeremiah Burton, a popular area citizen who would occasionally serve as bailiff in the local superior court and served in other civic positions.
Lake Burton At 2,775 acres, Lake Burton is the largest of Georgia Power's North Georgia lakes. 
Lake Burton was one of the first lakes in the United States created specifically for power generation. With the completion of the dam at the east end of the lake in 1913, more than 2700 acres of lake were created. In the rugged north Georgia mountains of Rabun and Burton Counties, Lake Burton has coves galore. Each is more breathtaking than the last, with peaks jutting high above the water. The Tallulah River was dammed and the town of Burton flooded when the lake was completed. Today the lake serves as a reservoir, controlling the flow of water to Seed Lake below it.
Lovely views of the house and Lake Burton - property of the "Greer" family.  
We thought the house and the way it had been decorated/renovated was charming.  The location is right on the lake with a lot of lake frontage. The lake looked crystal clear (and cold).  Just beautiful!
This restaurant was recommended as the BEST place for biscuits so we thought we'd stop for for lunch.  We were sorry to hear that biscuits were no longer being served (just for breakfast) but we had a very nice lunch here anyway.
On "Scenic Highway 197", we stopped by the Mark of the Potter - a wonderful shop at a great water rapids location. 

One of my favorite photos - looks like abstract art to me!
This was a nice visit and very manageable for our busy weekend!  I took a nice sun-soaked nap on the way home - not too shabby!


  1. When we lived in Alabama, we lived on Lake Weiss. We didn't live on the deep water - more like a cove. I miss the water terrbily. When we moved (back) up to TN, we were not able to find a home ON the water in our price range.Maybe one day we'll happen upon one we can buy as a weekend getaway. Perhaps closer to when Prince Charming retires.

    I don't know how you could pass that one up! It's gorgeous.

    1. Thanks for the comments. This was more a wistful thinking expedition than a serious shopping trip. We cannot afford the lake homes we want either.