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Sunday, October 14, 2012

I am EASILY Distracted at Scott's Antique Market

Display at Scott's Antique Market - South Building
This is the second weekend of the month and, therefore, it is Scott's Antique Market weekend in Atlanta.  I visit this market most months with my friend, Bette, and I am always trying to determine a "theme" for both reviewing the various wares and for this blog. I had initially decided on "lamps" as a theme since I had been seeing so many great lamps at many sales.  Once there, however,  I switched to/added  "fall decorating" as we saw many colorful and unique displays.  My problem, however, is that I am VERY easily distracted at this market and start seeing and engaging vendors on all sorts of interesting items and subjects. This month's visit was no exception and here are some photos demonstrating the various (lovely, fun, inspirational) distractions during our visit to the South Building this month.

We spent quite a bit of time at this vendor's booth.  The husband and wife described their refinishing process and their travels.  I fell in love with the chair (Hickory Chair) on the left and thought the price ($325) was not bad at all.  Bette is looking for a bench and studying this one for her location in front of a fireplace.  We couldn't figure out what the tall "knobby" items were on top of the credenza and were told they were hat holders and that they sold a lot of these in Texas.  This is such a GREAT idea!  Although I have dozens of hats I wear for sun protection, none warrant a public display and unfortunately, my closet is not Texas-spacious enough to hold too many of these.  Another tidbit we heard here is about their "upholstering" process.  They use painters cloths (Home Depot, Loewe's, etc.) as fabric and have a North Carolina expert do the work for them.  The details on the upholstery work were very professional.  Amazing pieces and work! 
Several botanical displays were changing from summer to fall pieces.  These are just wonderful although somewhat pricey - but look at the results!
Themed items with an emphasis on Halloween orange.
Another recurring distraction is this vendor who operated out of a warehouse in rural Georgia creating these wonderful headboards with all the latest fabrics and using one of my favorites, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, to redo/do the woodwork.  Some are clearly newer compositions while others are refurbished older frames.  The workmanship is great and prices ($300-500) quite reasonable.  She does other work as well as upholstered pieces but headboards are her specialty including custom-made products.  
I did see quite a few very nice lamps - and some that were just whimsical! 
Another stop was this with this vendor who puts together custom potted gardens.  She has her own plants (although some patrons bring some) and her own simple pots.  Her charge is based on the plants and a planting charge - it seemed reasonable to us.  There are many, many pots at the sale that would work well for this kind of project and you could certainly do a wonderful fall display with the orange pots on the left. 
This vendor discussed their painting techniques (not ASCP but a custom, not-to-be divulged formula).   The red/orange (color did not photograph well) was shown in a number of pieces and we loved it!   He said pieces in this color had been a big seller this weekend.  The workmanship was very, very nice and prices were not bad- the little set of drawers was marked at $135. 
I am always distracted by upholstered furniture! 
Loved this combination!
Nice vintage loveseat with seasonal wreaths made of wood shavings - how clever!
I don't think I've ever seen a blue and white display I didn't like!

LASTLY - I bought this chair and ottoman and plan to use ASCP to redo with new fabric!   This is my first furniture purchase at Scott's.  Needless to say, the price had to be pretty good to get me to buy it!
Another great day at the sale!  I find I really look forward to these and every trip is unique and interesting!

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  1. Love this review of Scotts. All the fun and none of the tired feet. Of course, it just makes me want to go next time. I'll leave my wallet at home and bring my camera.