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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Decorating by Color - Black and White

Black and White Image - from my Pinterest board Decorating in Black and Grey
I have always loved the crisp clean look of black and white decor (with just about any pop of color imaginable). As a poor college student, I painted wooden boards a shiny black and placed them between bricks and white mortar board to create elaborate bookshelves and places to put things like the small television we had in those days. I painted matching old tables and dressers and had a very "sophisticated" flat!

Fast forward (many years) and I still love the look of black and white and find it to be an easy way to create sophistication and elegance in any space.
Black and white décor is an affordable way to make your home look sophisticated, elegant and dramatic. You can easily transform any room into this style by repainting old furniture and purchasing a few basic accessories.  Link to article
This color scheme may be the easiest to accomplish. There are no tricky color coordination challenges and just about ANY other color will coordinate well. I found many articles on the subject but feel that the actual photos were the best advocates for this great color scheme. Some of my pinterest boards are set up by colors and I have one showing a lot of black and white images. Of course, most of my emphasis is on upholstered pieces but the scheme works well with all furnishings. The images below are all from my board (see link above) and the original sources are there as well.

I always have some items in my inventory of fine refurbished upholstered pieces in this great color combination but I must be truthful here - they do not sell well. They sell eventually but not quickly. I am always amazed to see how hesitant buyers are about using this great color combination. I get a lot of compliments but the buyers are slow to come forward - an interesting paradox!

Here are my latest black and white pieces - available on eBay and Etsy - you can also contact me directly at wydevendesigns@comcast.net.  Enjoy - and let's see if my prior experience is wrong on these beauties!

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