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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pretty in Pink - In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Images of "pink" items used in home decor - courtesy House Beautiful - link to my pinterest board for source information - all images in this posting are found here.
Chair I wish I had in inventory
It is October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month - and each year I do a posting on "pink" used in decorating. I am sure there is a story behind the symbolic use of pink for this campaign but don't know what that story is. It is very gratifying to see the kind of progress that has been made on this horrible set of diseases and I know many breast cancer survivors personally - a wonderful cause!

I do not have any "pink" items in my own Wydeven Designs inventory and must admit that I am a little nervous about having a too "girly" look. I did just sell my last pink-like (raspberry) chair - a wonderful cut-velvet wingback - to a college student (and mother of college student) in Austin, TX. Looking at the images I found for this posting and the articles - outlined below - encourages me to go out and find more usable pink-red fabrics.  They truly are beautiful!
Some colors relax, others excite; pink does both. It provokes romance and glamour, and it is the color of love's first blush. Pink delivers feel-good emotion in the same way that a ranunculus blooms, one layer at a time. Give in to pink's pretty power. link to article
House Beautiful's article about how to use pink in decorating has some great suggestions - here is a sample:
  • Use Pink as a Surprise
  • Choose a Pink with Purple Tones
  • Try Deep Pink in the Dining Room
  • Add Pink to Energize a Space
  • Pair Pink with a Metallic link to article

Love this low-key light pink and neutrals combination! 

My kind of sofa!
This room setting shows how well pinks work with black and white (and of course, green)!
Sweet setting - I would definitely want that pink settee in my inventory!
I don't know about the mix of orange and pink here although I do love the cool grey tones.
Love this!
This photo reminds me of my family room in our last home which was painted a deep pink color - my favorite room in that house!

Another wonderful visit to the world of "pink" in decorating.  Here are some other articles that I found - some very interesting ideas here! ENJOY!

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