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Friday, October 4, 2013

Postcards from China - Shanghai

My husband and I just returned from a Viking River Cruise (Imperial Jewels of China) and found it to be a fascinating country. It was actually a combination land/river trip and we stayed two nights in Shanghai. We were only able to see a few things and definitely wish we had been able to extend this portion of the trip.

Here in postcard format, were some of the highlights!
The River Bund is associated with "colonial" Shanghai when European countries constructed buildings that reminded them of home. It is a lovely, broad river with both commercial and tourist traffic. 
While this was interesting, we felt it was as much an opportunity to try to sell these fine rugs (at not insignificant prices) as an educational experience. The food was good! 
This was our favorite stop - a beautiful garden in the heart of Old Shanghai with lovely walkways and fine examples of Chinese garden features. It was still early in the day and the sky was mostly clear and blue which turned out to be unusual in China -  we did not see many blue skies. 
This is a a lovely museum and nicely laid out!
We were still shell-shocked (14 and a half hours of flying through Chicago - earlier delayed flight from Atlanta) so were probably not as appreciative of this fine city as we could have been. We found it to be bustling with big traffic jams and lots of construction. This turned out to be true throughout China, at least in the moderate to big cities we visited.

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