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Friday, October 11, 2013

A Beautiful Fall Visit to Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta

Outdoor "pumpkins" at Scott's Antique Markets
This is the second weekend of the month and, therefore, the occasion for Scott's Antique Market south of the City of Atlanta. I missed last month's event because of our China trip and almost did not go today because my regular friend/companion for these trips is on vacation this month. My sweet husband volunteered to accompany me and we had a wonderful time at the market. It helped that the weather could not be more perfect and the crowds seemed somewhat subdued.

I always choose a "theme" for my photography work at the market and decided that Halloween/Fall was as good as any - there were a lot of wonderful exhibits and items for sale.
We visited the south building which is my favorite at the market.
I like this cat candy holder!
Anything orange looked particularly right to me!
This lovely piece was surrounded by a sea of "French Linen" painted furniture - it just sparkled! 
This centerpiece was quite pricey ($600) but looked wonderful and would certainly work for a fall theme. 

Anything this bright orange is fair game for my Halloween/Fall theme! 

Loved these canisters!
This would work as a great indoor or outdoor centerpiece!
This wonderful floral arrangement (fake) was created by one of our favorite floral designers - his work is pricey but just great!
I do not always spend much time looking at the outside stalls particularly if it is very hot or otherwise not great weather but this was a great day for wandering around! 
I did not buy anything today (other than my usual double-scoop ice cream cone for lunch). These pieces were hard to resist and 3 out of 4 had been professionally refinished by one of our favorite vendors and beautifully upholstered in a drop-cloth quality fabric - unbelievably nice looking. 
What a great day for visiting (and not buying) at the Market - I look forward to returning next month!

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