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Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Tribute to My Upholsterers - the Lees at Song's in Norcross

Some Pieces Upholstered by Lees 
Last year, I reported with dismay that my upholsterer of over a decade, Mrs. Song of Song's Upholstery in Norcross, GA, was retiring and had sold her business to Mr. and Mrs. Lee.  I had been so happy with Mrs. Song and her shop's expert work that this news made me not just a little nervous.  I am so happy to report that Mr. and Mrs. Lee are doing a beautiful job with my pieces.  Mr. Lee is the upholstery expert and Mrs. does the cutting (and precise matching) as well as making pillows and other smaller projects.  She also handles the business end of their little enterprise.  They are wonderful people and I would highly recommend them to my neighbors.

The Lees are still operating as Song's Upholstery so the name has not changed.  They are also allowing me to store my "before" items over there - which is HUGELY helpful and prevents me from cluttering up every nook and cranny in my house.  Also, as can even be seen on some of the photos (green carpet is the give-away), some of the pieces are stored with them if I run out of space and I have taken some of my photographs in their shop.  This is not ideal from a well composed picture perspective, but does help me in a pinch!

Here is their location and a blurb from my website link to contact page on my website
If you like the expert upholstery work you see in my products and live in the greater Atlanta area, I'm happy to share this referral - Song's Upholstery, 6470 Spalding Dr. N.W., Norcross, GA  30092 (770-446-7671).  

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