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Friday, January 13, 2012

A Visit to Scott's Antique Market

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Scott's Antique Market (aka the BIGGEST yard sale in the world) is held in the Atlanta area during the second weekend of every month.  It is overwhelming and a lot of fun.  Today, my friend, Bette, and I visited both north and south exposition halls to check out the goods.    For my first discovery adventure at Scott's, check out my prior blog from the November sale - see Previous Blog

My goal this time was to find the fabric vendor who I had met in November selling North Carolina fabrics by the bolt for really reasonable prices.  I cannot resist well-priced great fabrics!   Unfortunately, we did find several fabric sales people who did have great fabrics but were selling in the $20 per yard and up range - which is WAY more than I spend.  The trip, however, was not wasted.  There are so many great items and displays that many people spend all day if not all weekend at the sale.

We did see some trends we wondered about.  Quite a few sellers showed burlap as an upholstery fabric, sometimes done on a heavily gilded piece.  The look was interesting but somehow misses the mark and the pieces look like they would be scratchy and uncomfortable.

Given my recent obsession with Annie Sloan Chalk Paints (ASCP), I visited the vendor who sells the paints and discussed techniques, applications and the new colors.  I also kept my eye out for interesting chalk paint-like treatments and found a TON!!

Greys, creams and off-whites seem to be the more popular colors but you can find a wide range from oranges, to greens, to robin egg blues (one my new favorites).

Bette was looking for a particular plate hanger that doesn't scratch the china and holds pieces well - she had bought these years ago at the market and we searched for the same vendor.  In addition to other items that caught her attention, she did find her plate hangers and bought several.

We enjoyed our visit and found that it was possible to come into the  market on set-up Thursday - supposedly the best day to find those hard to find deals.  So, maybe again next month!
Near entryway -  a wide variety!
We thought these were interesting but couldn't quite figure out what do with them. 
Loved these fabrics - but too pricey! 
There were two of these - loved them!
I have a bolt of black velvet and am looking for inspiration - maybe a little too much!
We thought this was clever but perhaps a little too cutesy - perhaps for a child's room!
They sell everything!
Lots of primitive pieces!
Great DIY project - use a rectangular piece of heavy linen (could be lined with a thin foam piece) and cover with trim to top a desk - we loved this idea!
A lovely vignette on way out!

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