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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fabric Trends - Ikat

Samples of Ikat Fabrics
Ikat fabrics have been popular for some time.  I love the fact that they combine a feel for history and interesting cultures with a clean design.  I looked up the definition on Wikipedia and found the following:
Ikat, or Ikkat, is a dyeing technique used to pattern textiles that employs a resist dyeing process similar to tie-dye on either the warp or weft fibres.
Bindings, which resist dye penetration, are applied to the threads in the desired patterns and the threads are dyed. Alteration of the bindings and the dyeing of more than one color produce elaborate, multicolored patterns. When all of the dyeing is finished the bindings are removed and the threads are ready to be woven into cloth.
The defining characteristic of ikat is the dyeing of patterns, by means of bindings, into the threads before cloth construction, the weaving of the fabric, takes place. Herein lies the difference between ikat and tie-dye. In tie-dye the fabric is woven first and the resist bindings are then applied to the fabric which is dyed.
In warp ikat the patterns are clearly visible in the warp threads on the loom even before the plain colored weft is introduced to produce the fabric. 
Ikat fabrics appear to be cotton prints - either light or medium weight.  I have found some excellent upholstery-weight (or drape)  Ikat Fabric at my go-to local fabric warehouse - Fabric World in Stone Mountain, GA.

During the summer, I sold a great looking "ballard-style" settee refurbished in a rose-red and cream taupe ikat fabric with matching metalic cream legs.   Paired with a square ottoman in a complementary fabric (a custom order for this client), the set makes a wonderful statement.
Ikat Settee with Square Ottoman
I currently have two sets of wingbacks reupholstered in ikat fabrics - one in this pattern with refinished legs and one in a blue and taupe - I just love these sets!  One of the reasons I love wingback chairs is that they provide such a great canvas for patterned fabrics particularly on the expansive wings!

I hope to find more of this great fabric and look forward to finding other patterns and designs.   These can be seen on my websitelink to website

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