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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Greyhound Package Express Shipping

Today, I have to drop off two furniture shipments at my local Greyhound station (Norcross, GA) to use their Package Express Service Link to Greyhound Package Express.  The shipments are going to Fredericksburg, VA and St. Louis, MO.  I have been using this fine service for over seven years with hundreds of shipments.  It is quick, reliable and cheap!!   Since the pieces travel under the passenger bus in the cargo area, there are some dimension limitations (one length must be 30" or less and the longest cannot be over 80") but about 90% of my refurbished pieces can be shipped using Greyhound.

Packaging Products
I have also learned (sometimes the hard way) what I need to do to make sure that the piece travels well and gets delivered damage-free.  I am sharing some tips and techniques - what I use to secure bulky, fragile pieces for which I simply cannot get boxes or other containers that fit into their size restrictions (and my cost limitations).  I use commercial strength bubble wrap ordered from eSupply Link to eSupply Store in both the 12" and 24";   Scotch Packaging Tape bought in bulk from Costco; and,  shrink wrap purchased at a local office supply store.  My husband has cleverly devised a system to provide extra security for vulnerable chair legs - securing wooden slats to provide more stability - which have (knock on wood) pretty well eliminated the most common damage claims I've had - broken legs caused by dragging the heavier pieces.  Here are some photos that show the end result and why this service works so well for me - it takes extra time but it pays off - my clients have been happy with the reasonable shipping rates and I have been happy with the delivery process - a win-win!

Packaged Chair
Slat Security Solution

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