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Monday, February 28, 2011

Fabrics, Fabrics, Fabrics - Buying

Fabric Room

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The professional upholstery costs are my highest single expense when refurbishing furniture - I try to get exceptional prices on the furniture and fabrics.  Finding great fabrics at HUGELY reduced prices is quite a trick.  Since I have always loved fabrics (my mother was a professional seamstress/tailor), it is a quest that I enjoy.  In fact, I started collecting fabrics long before knowing what I was going to do with them - starting with a "fabric closet" and now a "fabric room" - which prompted me to get into this business - I had to do something with all these fabrics!

In the continued spirit of giving away (almost) all my secrets, here are some sources I have used to buy discounted, wonderful fabrics:

  • Fabric Stores - cruise the discount racks at fabric stores like Calico Corners - I am not afraid to approach the store manager to ask for better prices on something that's been there awhile (doesn't always or even often work, but it doesn't hurt to ask)
  • Ebay - there are several sellers that have good sized pieces of decorator fabrics available at great prices (my satisfaction quotient is about 80% - I end up giving away, selling or donating ones that turned out to be other than expected)
  • Craigslist and garage sales - search for "fabrics" - often people buy pieces that they end up not using - these are usually the least expensive
  • Close-outs of stores/shops/businesses - I was fortunate enough to be at two Calico Corners store closings and the retirement of a local, internationally known designer and bought as much as I could haul away
  • Remnant sales for custom work businesses - I have been attending the annual (or semi-annual) sale of a local window treatment and bedding designer (links to Kay's Kovers) for over 20 years - and buying 100-200 yards of fabrics at most sales.
A really important point to remember is to NEVER use inferior materials when refurbishing good furniture - the upholstery costs are the same as for better fabrics and the fabric is the most visible aspect of the piece.  

Good Luck!

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