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Monday, March 25, 2013

Upholstered Furniture In Bathrooms

Great French Chairs and Ottoman in Bathroom - source - all connected to my pinterest board

I love to tour show houses and peruse decorating sites and magazines for different uses of upholstered furniture. After all, I am trying to sell fine refurnished upholstered pieces and need to market all potential uses for these lovely pieces. I have had a bench/settee in my own master bathroom for about ten years and find it useful and love the way it makes the bathroom seem more livable.

I googled "upholstered furniture in the bathroom" and found quite a few images but only one good article.

Simple French Chair - source see above
Upholstered seating in the bathroom is not the most common thing to see - it is a rarity to have enough space to accommodate furniture in one of the smaller, more utilitarian rooms in the home. It can look great though - turning a room that sometimes feels cold and impersonal into much more of a sanctuary. source
The images of fine bathrooms with great upholstered furniture actually speak for themselves.  Obviously, the ability to use the pieces is based on size of space but the look is great.

Here are some images that help make this point. I will end with some personal observations.


Several pieces were incorporated here - the bench as well as vanity chair - see source information above.
Love this striped chair in this very elegant setting - see source information above. 
The use of an ottoman seems most common - see source information above.
This sweet little chair would fit almost anywhere - see source information above. 
lovely little French chair!
Another glamorous look! 
I see the furniture before the other elements of the bathroom design! 
I have a mental image of a conversation going on here!
Clearly, these images display many types of furniture in great bathroom settings. I have such affection for upholstered furniture that I almost always see the furniture before the bathroom fixtures - but suspect that's just me!

In my own experience using upholstered pieces, I have had several lessons learned:

*  Don't use silk (I have used it on a small bench) because any water spills will be impossible to remove.
*  Expect that some cleaning and/or soap solvents will get on your pieces and may result in some discoloration - I have replaced my fabric once in ten years for this reason.  Choose fabrics accordingly.
*  Expect some humidity/steam in bathrooms and plan fabrics and styles accordingly.

What do you think of these ideas for bathroom furniture?


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