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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Designer Color Palettes - Blue and Green

Source - Yahoo images in blue and green
I was looking through the colors and color combinations in my Wydeven Design refurbished upholstery furniture inventory and noticed how many blues and green pieces I have as well as combinations of these two colors. These are probably my favorite hues. In reviewing some on-line decorating blogs and websites, I noticed that there are many images out there combining these two colors.

One recurring theme:
Blues and greens, whether on their own or mixed, can add a calming element to your house. Both colors are known to have soothing effects, so splurge and decorate! read more
I also found a Martha Stewart website that is dedicated to using different color combinations with suggestions and images for each - Link to website - very informative!

One article discussed the psychological affect that spring has on all of us and our yearning for the greening of our outdoor spaces. Other writers discussed the connection between this color combination and "beachy themes" - variations on blues and greens in the landscape.  Whatever the reason is, this combination is vibrant and easy on the eye. It is cool and inviting.

Here are some images of this color combination including some of my pieces. All the images can be found on my pinterest page with sources associated on the "decorating with blues" and "decorating with greens" boards - Link
Here is a great set of images highlighting the connection with nature - check source link above.
What a sweet combination - check source link above. 
I love the deep blue wall included in this vibrant scene. 
My favorite blue and white porcelain looks great against this bright green.
Soothing setting!

Interesting combination!
Here are just a few of my pieces that would work in this setting:

What do you think of this great color combination?

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