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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring at Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta

Entry vendor at Scott's Antique Market
This is the second weekend of the month and, therefore, the weekend of Scott's Antique Market in southern Atlanta link to website.  My friend, Bette, and I try to go each month and usually make the trip on Fridays. This was an unusual weekend because we actually went on two different days - more on that later.

When visiting the market, I try to concentrate on one theme or type of object to photograph while meandering the numerous stalls and displays. It helps me manage my scanning and, theoretically, keeps me from getting overly distracted and overwhelmed. During these two days, we visited both the north and south buildings and I concentrated on capturing images that reminded me of our upcoming spring. Here is a pictorial walk-though of the markets.
An America display with poppies and other fresh greens.
Loved this glasswork particularly in this fresh green color. 
Orchids I wish I could not just buy but maintain - I am working on my first orchid and want to see how well it does before committing more funds and passion on this elusive flower.
Bette bought this little guy - he had the texture of moss. 
Same vendor as the one above had various maidenhair ferns and hydrangeas displays - nicely done!  
It's almost St. Patricks Day and my husband is Irish - I did NOT buy this hat! 
Talked with the gentleman who had crafted this chest of drawers using rubber cement and fabric - very vibrant!  He said he had been experimenting for some time before finding this solution. 
Rabbit love! 
Sweet table and such a nice Spring color!
More gentle greenery! 
I do love tulips and wish they did better in this southern climate. The winter season is too warm and short for tulips to do well. It is almost a requirement to dig them up each year and replant - a lot of work but they are beautiful! 
Love these forsythia branches (and chair behind them)! 
Vendor had a unique way of placing small water vials inside these centerpieces and allowing cut flowers to float inside.  An interesting approach.
I was not totally distracted by my search for images of Spring. I actually found several pieces of furniture to buy at pretty good prices.  In fact, after buying two small settees on Friday, it was necessary to return on Saturday afternoon to pick them up - just not enough room in my Highlander.

I bought the four antique chairs (balloon style) as well as the two settees. I am still working on fabric treatments and, in the case of the tightseat settee, which color to use to redo the woodwork. 
A great weekend at Scott's Antiques Market. It was noticeably busier than it had been in the November-December timeframe - particularly on Saturday where parking was a challenge. This is such a wonderful market and the clientele and vendors are usually varied and very pleasant - a great Southern tradition.

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