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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shopping for Rugs at HomeGoods - I'm a Fan!

We just completed our lower level renovation (aka basement) and one of many struggles was finding a nice rug that would work well in this new space.  I hadn't shopped for rugs for quite a while and didn't quite know how to approach it.  I wanted something a little more contemporary for this space but couldn't quite get to buying a jute or seagrass rug although I saw MANY beautiful settings with just such a rug.

One of the things that really frustrated me were the seemingly huge selections (and recommendations) for buying an online rug using a site like Overstock.com link which offers a huge selection at great prices and great shipping ($2.99) and does allow returns - although not at this price.   Another site was Josh and Main link which also offers wonderful options at pretty good prices but doesn't allow for returns.  Most on-line sets were variations on this theme - lots of choices but either costly or no returns.  Considering I have a business selling refurbished heirloom upholstered pieces mostly on-line link to Wydeven Designs, it was unsettling to find that I just didn't feel right about buying a rug that I couldn't feel in colors I couldn't quite trust.

A friend suggested I check out HomeGoods - link.  There are quite a few stores in our area and I had barely visited them more than a few times.  I checked on their rug return policy and learned they accepted returns for up to 30 days.

I visited the one closest to my home and did find a nice but  limited rug selection at really good prices and also noted that several people were in the process of buying rugs.  I visited two other sites and found the same pattern - not too many rugs but at great prices and active purchasing.  One store clerk told me that the rugs arrive (different ones at different stores) three times a week and are usually put out the next day.  They move quickly!  With that wisdom, I developed a plan to visit each of the three stores at least once a week and sometimes more if convenient.  

I planned to buy each and every rug that might work for me.   I needed a 8X10 preferably wool rug with some or more of the following colors - cream, taupe, charcoal/black, pale gold and/or seafoam blue.  I was really hoping to add the latter color to my decor, but figured it might be the hardest to get right.

I saw many rugs but nothing worked quite right.

 After about ten visits (and close t the time I actually needed the rug), I found a black and white and grey patterned (unfortunately, I did not photograph it) but thought it might work.  I purchased it and planned to pick it up last week Saturday to actually place in the just-completed space.  I wasn't 100% sure about it but it was a nice rug (8X11 wool - $299) so I felt it was worth a try.  As I waited to have it put into my van, I checked the rug section again and found a seafoam blue and cream/gold patterned rug (8X10 wool - $299) that looked even better.  I brought it home as well and there is remains.

Rug in new space - love it!
SO ... perseverance pays off here.  HomeGoods is not a quick solution unless you are incredibly lucky to find just what you want right away.  I also found that, generally, some of the patterns and colors are not the most popular ones - nice neutrals were also hard to find.  But, if you can wait it out, it's a great solution at the right price!


  1. Home Goods does have some beautiful rugs. Yours is beautiful!


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