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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Piedmont Park Area of Atlanta - History and Estate Sale

One of the things I like about traveling throughout the greater Atlanta area to attend estate and other sales is the opportunity to see and learn more about the various neighborhoods.  I love the Piedmont Park area of the city and traveled there today to check out an estate sale - it is another great spring day here and I just couldn't stay in the house!  More about the estate sale later!  

As often as I've visited Piedmont Park and its surrounding streets (home of art and music festivals and the Atlanta Botanical Gardens), I had not looked into its history or design.  There is a website that describes the amenities and events - link to website and the the park is described as follows:
The most expansive and popular of Atlanta's city parks was originally laid out for the Cotton States and International Exposition of 1895. It now attracts more than 2 million visitors annually. Dog owners, sun seekers and sports enthusiasts flock to the park to enjoy the fair weather, largely unaware that this was the spot of the Battle of Peachtree Creek during the Civil War. The 189-acre facility is home to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and scenic Lake Clara Meer, and plays host to many of Atlanta's favorite concerts and festivals.
Wikipedia offers more historic details link including the following blurb:
Originally the land was owned by Dr. Benjamin Walker, who used it as his out-of-town gentleman's farm and residence. He sold the land in 1887 to the Gentlemen's Driving Club (later renamed the Piedmont Driving Club), who wanted to establish an exclusive club and racing ground for horse enthusiasts. The Driving Club entered an agreement with the Piedmont Exposition Company, headed by prominent Atlantan Charles A. Collier, to use the land for fairs and expositions and later gave the park its name.
The park was originally designed by Joseph Forsyth Johnson to host the first of two major expositions held in the park in the late 19th century. The Piedmont Exposition opened in October 1887 to great fanfare. The event was a success and set the stage for the Cotton States and International Exposition which was held in the park seven years later in 1895. Both exhibitions showcased the prosperity of the region that had occurred during and after the Reconstruction period. In the early 20th century, a redesign plan called the Olmsted plan, was begun by the sons of New York Central Park architect, Frederick Law Olmsted.
I had heard of the Central Park connection but not of the other historical facts - very interesting!

The estate sale took place in a BEAUTIFULLY renovated older home on Argonne Street.  Not too many items left (sale started Saturday) and everything was pretty pricey for me but I spent quite a bit of time just admiring the renovation job and chatting with the sale host and others about how it was accomplished.  There is actually a third (terrace) level not photographed here that was also well designed which leads to the two car garage at the back of the property.  The overall results are amazing!
Front of House with Signage.
Front courtyard - reminds me of New Orleans home!
Loved these antique beds set up in dining room - one of a pair
Not such great view of my legs!
Wish I had better photo of renovated kitchen which included an adjacent butler's pantry - the same wide-plant flooring was installed throughout first and second levels.
Fabulous sunroom set up as bedroom - I suspect that the owners did not really use it for this purpose although I could understand why they might - felt like a treehouse!
Table I seriously considered for my den with mirrored top - a little pricey and not sure about the overall look!  
Sale included a number of nice pieces of art not too badly priced - like this original oil for  $195 - frame was in rough shape!
Someone was playing this piano when I first approached the house - I could hear the music in the courtyard - what a nice invitation! 
My kind of chair but not priced in the range that allows me to make any money - some lucky person will buy it! 
I wasn't sure about this part of the renovation.  This was originally an upstairs bedroom with fireplace that was opened to the lower level.  It is dynamite from below but I'm not sure what I would do with it upstairs.  
Upstairs hall - loved the moldings, flooring and ceiling height! 
Back of house - nothing not to love here!
A look from across the street! 
This is why I love going to these sales - they are priceless experiences and I get to see and feel how other neighborhoods are situated and even populated.  This is a pedestrian friendly area (which most of the city and its suburbs is not) AND easy walking distance to Piedmont Park!

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