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Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Tale of On-Line Design Collaboration!

Recently, I concluded an online collaboration with a customer in New Jersey who was interested in buying a set of four dining chairs that I had refurbished using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP) and a taupe and cream patterned fabric (expertly applied by my go-to upholsterers - the fabulous Lee's of Sun's Upholstery in Norcross, GA).  I thought a posting about the experience might calm others about on-line collaborations and buying furniture on-line - at least from me!

My potential buyer was worried about purchasing this set of chairs - that she would not be able to find a  table that would work with unique look. She asked if I would be willing to find and refurnish a round table to complement the set and ship them together.  We communicated back and forth about her interests including:

  • Style and size of round table 
  • Cost point
  • Timeline for completion
  • Shipping costs
I did several things concurrently:
  • Used craigslist descriptions and photos to share ideas about possible tables to be bought and refurbished
  • Obtained shipping quote (and general timeline) from my go-to shipper - (Cascadiacascadiaexpress@hotmail.com) 
  • Checked with my ASCP paint store link to Chalk It Up - Norcross to get advice on finishing a dining table that would require a little more wear and tear than my usual chairs and small table/decorative item projects
Craigslist table.
My customer had some initial requirements for a table that were modified with time. She had preferred a table with four legs and not a central base. During this period, I found none that were attractive (or stable) - the round model was definitely the norm with four chairs. I shared several potential pieces before finding the right one on craigslist and proceeded to make the purchase - fortunately the price was right and it was still available. 

The table was solid and in good shape so painting was all it needed. I refinished it using ASCP CoCo but only used the dark was on the base. My conversation with the ASCP experts informed me that the clear wax was a better seal for the top - I did four coats to create a hard finish that should last and last. 
Photo of completed table with chairs - before shipping
Before finishing the set, my customer did add a set of French style chairs - redone in a hard lacquer finish with linen fabric - to her purchase so all traveled together to her home in New Jersey.

Here are photos provided by the customer of the pieces in her home - she is excited and I am very happy to see how well they work in her space.  This was fun!
I love seeing photos of my pieces in my customer's homes - very satisfying! 

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