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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Before and After - My Own Parade!

I never get tired of seeing the complete transformations possible with upholstered furniture with good bones needing a change in fabric and/or wood finish.  That is what I do and I fall in love with most of the pieces I get back from my great upholsterers - the Lees at Song's Upholstery in Norcross, Georgia.  Some pieces I do keep for myself but most need to go - I only have so much living and storage space.

The process is simple and can work for others:

a)  Buy only good quality pieces that are well constructed and have not been damaged.  There are LOTS of places to find these - particularly in a large market like the Atlanta area.  I frequent estate sales, garage sales, thrift shops such as goodwill stores, and craig's list.   Many of these pieces would be thrown away and add to the already overtaxed landfill problems we are facing.  I pay as little as nothing and almost never more than $100 for a piece (some exceptions for REALLY fine furniture).

b)  Buy fabrics that are good quality; trendy; and a good value.  I shop closeouts at retail fabric stores, discount fabric warehouses, estate and garage sales, and eBay.   I pay as little as $1.00 a yard but almost never more than $6.

c)  Put together winning combinations and have the pieces professionally upholstered.  This is a true skill and requires knowledge, strength and some specialized equipment.  I have seen a few "do it yourself" upholstery jobs and, in my opinion, most are fine to use in ones own home but certainly are not up to professional standards.

d)  Add the finishing touches such as accent pillows, contrasting piping, and other treatments to provide a tailored and polished look.  Some pieces may need woodwork refinished.  Minimally, the woodwork should be cleaned, touched up,  and polished.

Here are some recent transformations - I love everyone!

This set of clubs were purchased at an estate sale - their overall condition was good but very dated.  The tufting treatment is a good example of the expertise required of a good upholsterer.  It is time consuming and difficult work   and relies on strength and precision.  The accent pillows are my standard extras.  This fabric is a very neutral upholstery weight woven cotton-blend.  The cushions were fine and only needed minor enhancement with a Dacron wrap.

This fine love seat was purchased from a Craig's List ad.  It is extremely well made with down-composition cushions, large rolled arms and a tailored skirt.  The piece was reupholstered in a indoor-outdoor tone on tone cream fabric with a tight weave.
This set of great Sherrill Slipper Chairs were purchased from a Craig's List ad.  The construction is impeccable - Sherrill is a top furniture maker.  They are slightly larger and deeper than usual.  I used lumbar pillows instead of square accents.  The fabric is a cut velvet on linen in a place gold.
This wingback chair was purchased at a Goodwill store in Dunwoody.   It features hand-tied coil springs and straight Chippendale style legs - all in great condition.  The fabric is a woven fern pattern - gold on cream.  The woodwork was polished and touched up but otherwise in great shape.  This chair goes very well with the Michael Thomas loveseat above.
Well that's my parade - I hope it inspired others to find furniture worthy of spending a little money on and having a far better piece of furniture than that available at any store for double the price and keeps these lovely pieces in circulation!

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  1. Love what new upholstery job can do to transform a piece. I can hardly stand to buy "new" furniture anymore. I love finding these unusual pieces and re-making them!

  2. Fabric is like paint. Just by changing the color you get a whole new look. Your upholstered pieces are beautiful.


  3. what a transform!
    Love all the fabric selection for your project.
    I in love with chairs

    Julie x