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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Consumer Alert - Goof Off - and an Appeal for HELP!

I have been recommending the use of Goof Off for years.  I have been using it for over 10 years to remove dirt, latex paints, smoking residue (you wouldn't believe how much of this is on older furniture that certainly at one one in its life was in a smoking environment), dingy residue, excess oils, etc. etc. etc.  - all from wooden furniture.  In many cases, this was very fine furniture.  The stuff worked beautifully and left the finish intact.  It has been my go-to product to refresh and clean my own things as well.  We have been buying it by the gallon around here!  As of my last gallon purchase, about a month ago, I noticed a significant difference in how it acted:

*  Left white-ish residue on woodwork
*  Removed original stain
*  Roughed up underlying wood (e.g., raising fibers).

I talked to our local Ace Hardware store manager (where this product was purchased) to ask if he had heard of any change in product formulation and he said he had not.  I googled - asking the question about changes in formulation or complaints - nothing!  I wrote the company and did receive an email saying they had not changed the formulation.  The person writing back suggested I check before using (no doubt recommended on the label of all such products).  I bought another smaller can of the stuff thinking I might just have gotten the wrong batch and here is the result:

Can of Goof Off and Evidence of Stain Removal on White Cloth

Stain Lost After Gently Swipe

I wrote the company again emphasizing two points:

a)  I have used this product for 10 years with 100's of wooden pieces and have NEVER had this problem before.

b)  I have used the "new" product on five items - all different ages and finishes - and have had undesirable results in all five.

They are still saying that there is no change and I should just spot-check before using.  This last attempt was very cautious and it immediately started removing original finish.  I will not use this product again as I had been - I will only use it on pieces of furniture that I plan to repaint or refinish.  I am now desperately trying to find a product like my old Goof Off - any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!


  1. Gerrie how about trying good old Murphy's Oil diluted in water.

  2. Martina, does that take off all these residues??? I was not using the Goof Off for polishing (use beeswax for that) but cleaning - it did such a wonderful job and made me feel that any finish was restorable. So, it has been a set-back for me and I do need to find a substitute (or see if I can find the "old formula" stuff.

    Thank you,