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Sunday, November 13, 2011

In Search of Annie Sloan Paints - Scott's Antique Market

Near Entrance to North Building - Scott's Antique Market
This is the third in what is turning out to be a series about my attempts to buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint website.  During my last adventure, I had traveled to Senoia, Georgia, to visit one of about three locations in the entire state of Georgia that carries this British product.  Annie Sloan Chalk Paints are heralded by all as THE product to buy to easily achieve French style finishes - something I am really interested in doing.  The  shop owner in the "Color Me French" section of the downtown Senoia shop was out of a key component of the process - the waxes.  She told me she would be at the next scheduled Scott's Antique Market with her products (held in South Atlanta once a month on the second weekend of the month).  Despite my interest (nee passion) for this type of thing and my almost 25 years in the Atlanta area, I had never been to this market although others had suggested it for years.   Before making the trip, I verified that the famous waxes had arrived and would be available.  SO, naively, I dragged my great husband on a pleasant, fall Saturday afternoon to the market.  Even though I had visited the website (Scott's Antique Market) and found it was marketed as the "World's Largest " and covered 33,000 square feet, I figured we would just arrive and glance around and find the paints easily.  We parked in a huge lot and found vendor after vendor both inside and out of several permanent and semi-permanent structures.  I was easily and frequently distracted by the great items on display - not at all the decrepit antiques and odds-and-ends I was expecting.
Scott's Antique Market - Vendors Near North Building
After some aimless wandering, we finally approached the customer service desk and, luckily, one of the ladies knew about Annie Sloan paints and the person selling them in the South Building - across the highway in another part of the market all together!  We took a shuttle bus (normal-size Greyhound-like bus which quickly filled up) and traveled to the equally large parking lot and vendor space on the southern location of the market.  The space and vendors were even more interesting on this side - seemed to be more home furnishing oriented and better quality.
Vendors in South Building
Despite these major distractions, we did eventually find a fabric  seller (YES) who knew of the Annie Sloan paints seller but woefully told us that an emergency of some sort had caused her to close up early and she was gone.   SO ... I am still without my paints and more determined than ever to buy some.

We did conclude (well, actually me more than my husband), that this was a very interesting visit and one I would (probably solo) repeat in the future - particularly after finding that the fabric seller had some great prices on North Carolina fabrics and most were sold on day one or two of the sale.  So, next month, expect to hear of my further exploits at Scott's Antique Market - probably on Thursday of the December sale.

In the meanwhile, I may just order these paints on-line and forget the need to actually see and discuss the product face-to-face.  This is getting too hard!!

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