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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Designer Sofa Tips and Secrets - Part II: Construction and Styling

Settee/Sofa - Single Cushion and Tufted Back link to my pinterest board
Tufted Back - My Archives 
Several days ago I discussed Tips and Secrets from House Beautiful link focusing on fabrics. Since my furniture refurbishing business is focused on replacing worn and outdated fabrics with new ones that appeal to today's decorators and consumers, this was a logical starting place. This second posting deals with issues of construction and styling - which provide the foundation and help me determine whether something is worth the expense of redoing and whether it is likely to sell.

Here are some more nuggets from the experts.
I never use two seat cushions, because then three people won't sit on the sofa. I'll use three seat cushions if the sofa is 7' long or longer, and it it's 6" or less, I use just one cushion. Rose Tarlow
The perfect sofa is 40" deep, 60" long, and 36" high with a 19" seat height. For a traditional sofa, I like a scroll arm, and for modern, I love a square arm, both with the same overall measurements. Mary McDonald
Lately, I've been making all of my sofas with tufted backs. I use diamond tufts for traditional living rooms and tight, square biscuit tufts for more contemporary settings. Eddie Lee 
I like curved sofas in square rooms. Vincente Wolf
Sofas so often end up looking like beached whales. I've been using low backs and simple, strict tailoring lately, so they don't look big and fussy. Robert Couturier
Single cushion - tailored arms - tufted back - see my pinterest link 
Single cushion - deep seat - see my pinterest link
Single cushion (tufted) - tailored scrolled arms - see my pinterest link 
The pale gold one has a curved, rounded look - might work as Vincente Wolf suggested above.
 So, plenty of good advice here - hopefully it is useful to you!

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