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Friday, November 15, 2013

The Fine Art of Collecting - Eclectic Style

Example of Eclectic Design - link to my pinterest board for source - "eclectic design"
I look forward each month to the arrival of my decorating magazines - I think I get all of them. I lovingly study each decor (mostly but not totally skipping the advertisements of which there are many) and find that the images enrich my understanding of decorating and decorating trends. The November issue of Veranda (link to website) arrived yesterday. One of the articles discussed the philosophy of a homeowner/designer: "The Paris born, New York based designer is from the old school of connoisseurship, where the goal isn't to create an instant room but to take great pleasure in discerningly selecting each and every object ..."

This is exactly my own approach to decorating (although my means are not as great as his - by a long shot). I think the type of decorating called "Eclectic Style" works that way. It mixes and matches pieces and periods to achieve a personal and far more interesting living environment - one that does reflect your personality and taste far more than any "assembled" room ever could. Collecting over time also allows for changing taste and interests - whether in use of wood tone or painted woods, colors and fabrics, art collections, or just "finds" - those pieces and objects you find that you WILL make room for because you love them!

For me, evidence of eclectic design include some or maybe most of the following:

  • Mixture of styles of furnishings and periods (antiques with modern, French country with Pottery Barn)
  • Mixture of wood tones including some painted furniture 
  • Mixture of art and decorative pieces - traditional and modern 
  • Mixture of high-end and low-brow - some great pieces that will last a lifetime with gifts from kids/grandkids, home-made and personal 

I perused my pinterest boards for good examples of eclectic decorating style and, of course, looked at my own refurnished furniture collection which I think works beautifully to support this style. Enjoy!

I love this setting with its various eclectic elements - painted and wood-tones, leggy and skirted furniture, mismatched lamps, and different furniture styles - see source above.
Here is a great example of mis-matched wood-tones and styles - the bamboo legged chair with the squat-footed sofa and turned-leg ottoman - nice combinations all! See source above.
This bright green chair adds an eclectic (and electric) look to this contemporary space - see source above.
AI think all spaces need a French style piece like this great cream bergere - note the different leg styles in this setting. I also am loving metal tables like the end-table here - a nice contrast to all that heavy wood - see source above.
This is a good example of the contemporary (check out that mirrored coffee table) with antiques and a traditional style sofa - see source above. 
Here are some pieces from my 2011 collection that would work in the same space and have very different styles and fabrics. 

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  1. Lovely post and great advice. I love walking in a room that looks collected over time and have always decorated with that in mind. The examples you posted made me drool--just gorgeous!